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Tour Guides - Jamie


Name: Jamie

Major(s): Communication Studies

Minor(s): Public Relations

Graduation Year: 2011

Hometown and State: York Harbor, Maine

Two Words of Advice: DO WORK.

My Personal Motto: Sanity and happiness are an impossible combination.

URI is Unique Because: It's a relatively large school, but still has a great tight-knit community feel to it.

My Goal: To move to New York City after graduation and find fame and fortune, Well maybe not fame... but definitely fortune!

My Favorite Food on Campus: Caliente in the emporium

My Best URI Moment (so far): Coming back from studying abroad in Rome and reuniting with my friends... nothing had changed!

My Biggest Surprise at URI: That after 3 years of going to school here, I am still meeting so many awesome new people.

Favorite Place on Campus (and why): The quad... perfect spot to hang out between classes, catch some sun, or do some homework

On the Weekends I: Relax with friends or go on day trips to Newport or Providence

My Favorite Class (and why): Audio Communication and the Media. Professo Reyes is an awesome teacher!

I Selected URI Because: I grew up in a small costal town in Maine, and the URI area has a similar beach-town feel to it... also, the campus is beautiful!

I Am Involved In: Phi Eta Sigma honor society, College Republicans

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