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ADVANCE Faculty Recruitment Tutorial

Key Behaviors to Advance Underrepresented Faculty New Hires


General Collegial

Creating opportunities for collaboration

  • Introduce to other faculty on and off campus
  • Invite to collaborate
  • Facilitating students to work with them

Enhancing competency through mentoring

  • Teaching about funding mechanisms & publication strategies
  • Teaching about strategies for getting things done on campus
  • Advocating for resources for them
  • Encourage participation in faculty development programs

Providing resources for doing research

  • Sharing data sets
  • Sharing equipment facilities
  • Writing in on grant proposals

Generating support through community

  • Include in social opportunities
  • Invite to join in hosting speakers
  • Encourage social activities for department
  • Being available to help


Policy & Administrative

Regularly monitor health and welfare of department/college

  • Everyone's needs being met? All voices heard?
  • Is workload distributed evenly across department?
  • Are faculty accomplishments rewarded sufficiently?

Workload & Success

  • Teaching - course load, course types, course materials
  • Service - student advising load, avoid token assignments


  • Tenure & promotion process transparency
  • Early and sufficient feedback
  • Wider criteria for gauging excellence
  • Balance in traditional/nontraditional types of work

Institute flexible and accommodating policies & practices

  • Dual career issues
  • Family leave and tenure clock extensions
  • Transitional support