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ADVANCE Resource Center

001 Carlotti Hall

75 Lower College Road

Kingston, RI  02881


Phone:  (401) 874-9422

Fax: (401) 874 - 5780


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Enhancing the academic careers of women in science, technology, engineering, & mathematics

ADVANCE Rules of Engagement

Rules of Engagement




Get actively involved


Whine about obstacles

Be a change agent


Blame "the budget"

Champion an idea   Take personal offense
Execute using your unique skills   Think of excuses for not going forward
Take responsibility   Bite off more than you can chew
Stay on task   Forget to chew what you bite off
Focus on issues as problems, not people as problems   Unconsciously or consciously reinforce stereotypes
Recognize the power of small wins   Cling to "the good old days" way of doing things - if they were so good we wouldn't be here
Recognize that whatever benefits one gender or group benefits the other   Say, "We tried that." It's a new millennium.
Claim your sphere of influence and use it   Pass the buck-if you can't address an issue, who can?
Respect experience regardless of position   Defer to authority