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Enhancing the academic careers of women in science, technology, engineering, & mathematics

Past Events Year One

(blueindicates off-campus, non-URI events)

FALL 2003




ADVANCE Leadership Team Meeting


Women In Science Lunch - ADVANCE presentation



8 Award Date
12Leadership Team Meeting
24Women in Science Key Behaviors Focus Group
30College of Engineering Chairs Meeting - ADVANCE presentation



3 Leadership Team Meeting
15College of Arts & Sciences Chairs Meeting - ADVANCE presentation
16ADVANCE Press Conference
16College of Environment & Life Sciences Key Behaviors Focus Group
20College of Environment & Life Sciences Chairs Meeting - ADVANCE presentation
28New Faculty Lunch - ADVANCE presentation



3 Graduate School of Oceanography - ADVANCE presentation
5 ADVANCE Leadership Team Meeting
22 Into the Woods Pre-show Reception
25 South County Women's Networking Social





3ADVANCE Leadership Team Meeting
10 ADVANCE Leadership Team Workshop & Dinner w/ Barbara Sloan
11 Natural Resources Science Department Climate Workshop
18 ADVANCE Leadership Team Meeting




23 ADVANCE Leadership Team Meeting
28 South County Women's Networking Social
29 ADVANCE Leadership Workshop w/ Barbara Sloan
30 Natural Resources Science Climate Workshop
30 Plant Sciences Climate Mini Workshop



12 UWash. ADVANCE Leadership Workshop and PI meeting, Seattle Wash.
18 Leadership Team Meeting, 8 a.m., Bliss Hall Conference Rm
19 Women's Studies and ADVANCE Reception, 3:30 p.m., Women's Center
24 Latin American Women Colloquia Series: Gender and Gentility in 20th Century Peru, presented by Prof. Susana de Los Heros, 3:45 pm, Dana Shugar Library, Women's Center
26 ADVANCE Topical Lunch: "Meet Your Friends in the Research Office," 12:00 noon, University Club
27ADVANCE Male Faculty Key Behaviors Focus Group, 12 noon, U Club



10South County Women's Networking Social, 5 p.m., Shelter Harbor Inn
23 Latin American Women Colloquia Series: Immigrants and our Silent Killers, presented by guest speaker Vinnie Velazquez
24 Women in Science Lunch, 12:00 noon, UClub. Special guest: Provost M. Beverly Swan
26 Topical Lunch: "Thinking About Tenure From the Start: Things You Should Be Doing From the First Day on the Job", 12:00, UClub
28 High Tea & Her Stories, 3:00 p.m., URI Feinstein Providence Campus (call 401- 277-5000 for more info)




6Latin American Women Colloquia Series: Women in the Contemporarey Political Arena in Mexico, presented by guest speaker Georgina Sanchez, 3:45 pm., Dana Shugar Library, Women's Center
7 Dana Shugar Spring Colloquim Series: U.S. Policy and the Global Sex Trade, presented by Prof. Donna Hughes, 5:00 pm, University Club
13 Schweers Memorial Lecture: Developing a Healthy Body Image in a Body Toxic Culture, presented by guest speaker Kathy Kater, 8:00 pm Glanti Lounge, Library
19-21 ADVANCE National Conference, Atlanta, GA
20 Latin American Women Colloquia Series: Trumping Rigoberta Menchu: Truth and Memories of the Guatemalan Civil War, presented by Rosa Maria Pegueros, 3:45 p.m., Dana Shugar Library, Women's Center
21 WOMENomics 101: Pay Equity - Women Working Hard, Earning Less. 6:30-8:30 p.m., Women's Center. RSVP: (401) 364-6210
22 Women In Science Lunch: "Simulation of Pedestrian Evacuation from Buildings." Presented by Natacha Thomas, Ass't Professor, Civil Engineering. RSVP to
25 Jane Lancaster from Brown U: "Engineering Motherhood" A discussion on Lillian Gilbreth and booksigning for Making Time. 3 pm, Galanti Lounge, URI Library
26 Dana Shugar Spring Colloquim Series: The Teacher 'Forced' Us to Think: Being a Foreigner in Finland, presented by Prof. Donna Bickford, 5:00 pm. University Club
29 ADVANCE Topical Lunch: " Work-Work and Home-Work: Making the Connections," 12:00, UClub
29 Reception for New Tenure-Track Women Faculty, Women's Center, 3-4 pm RSVP to 874-5412



5 South County Women's Networking Social, 4:15 - 6:15, Caylily's, Wakefield. RSVP to 401 789-8062
5 Research Office Workshop: Research Office Grant Services & Resources, 10:30-11:30, Multicultural Center computer classroom
12 Research Office Workshop: Proposal Preparation -Panel Discussion, 10:30-11:30, Multicultural Center Forum
20 Research Office Workshop: Hot and Alternative Funding Opportunities - Panel Discussion, 10:30-11:30, Multicultural Center Forum
26 Adventures in Teaching: URI Faculty Innovations for Reaching, Teaching, and Engaging Students, May 26, 12:00-3:15, UClub (RSVP

Summer 2004



8 Women in Science Lunch, UClub
10-13 GWIS (Graduate Women in Science National Conference, Northeastern University, Boston
13-16 AAAS-Pacific Division (ADVANCE Symposium presentation), Salt Lake City, Utah



14 Women in Science Lunch, UClub



10 South County Women's Networking Social;4-7 pm, Cherry Hill, Wakefield
19 Women in Science Lunch, UClub
30-31 IDP Course Planning Workshops: Understanding Today's Students, Presenting & Explaining. Register: