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Enhancing the academic careers of women in science, technology, engineering, & mathematics

Women & STEM fields in the News

Providence Journal:

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Providence Journal:


Andy Smith (10/12/2008)

No kidding Ö itís tougher for moms

Natalie Myers (5/07/2007)

A boost for women in academia

Richard C. Dujardin


The Female Equation

Gina Macris (3/24/2005)

Adding girls to the equation


NY Times:


Dennis Overbye (11/01/2005)

On Gravity, Oreos and a Theory of Everything

Sara Rimer (4/15/2005)

For Women in Sciences, Slow Progress in Academia

Laura Novak (3/30/2005)

This Is the Mission: Fill Gap for Schools, Lift Students to Skies,

Boston Globe:



A bumper crop of top women scientists

Marcella Bombardieri,


A woman's place in the lab: Harvard studies efforts to boost female faculty at U-Wisconsin

Times Magazine:


Amanda Ripley; Research by Coco Masters

Who says a woman can't be Einstein?

Pat Galloway (2/27/2005) Bad Idea. You'll Flunk Out

Julie Rawe (2/27/2005)

Steering Girls into Science

Vivienne Walt (2/27/2005)

A Land Where Girls Rule in Math

Time Magazine looks at the data

Science, Is it a man's world?

Additional Resources:

Keiko Morris and Olivia Winslow,, October 2, 2007

Academia still tackling gender pay disparity

Olivia Winslow,, September 26, 2007

Adelphi sued over professors' pay disparity

Chemical & Engineering News, September 17, 2007

A Chemist in charge

Steven Geringer, The Association for Computing Machinery/Press Release February 21, 2007

First Woman to Receive ACM Turing Award

MSNBC (9/29/2005)

Civil rights champion Constance Baker Motley dies at 84

Iinside Higher Ed (5/24/2005)

Helping Female Scientists Thrive

BBC News (2/18/2005)

Female Scientists Undervalued

Washington Post (1/30/2005)

Raise your hand if you're a Woman in Science

Houston Chronicle


Academia has difficult time hiring women with Ph.D.s; Female faculty numbers remain low despite the rise in earned doctoral degrees (6/14/2005)

IWhy it Pays to be a Math Geek

USA Today (3/28/2005)

Census: College-educated white women earn less than blacks, Asians