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Enhancing the academic careers of women in science, technology, engineering, & mathematics

Reports and Publications

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Variety of Diversity Articles and Research

Barbara Wolcott

Filling The Void

Barbara Dafoe Whitehead

The Boy Problem: Fathers of the World Unite

Christine Hult, Ronda Callister, and Kim Sullivan

Is there a global warming toward women in academia?


Frehill, L. M., Benton-Speyer, J., & Jeser-Cannavale, C.

Women in Engineering: A Review of the 2003 Literature (2004)

Helen Mederer, Barbara Silver, Laura Beauvais

Work-Life Balance at URI (2007), URI AAUP News, vol32 (2), p.4-5

Hewitt, N. & Seymour, E. University of Colorado

The Problems of Women in Science, Math & Engineering: Factors contributing to high attrition rates among Science and Engineering Undergraduate Majors

Institute of Physics and The Daphne Jackson Trust

The 3Rs: Recruitment, Retention, Returning

Kivel, P. The culture of powerIn Hale, F. W. (Ed.), Stylus Publishing.

What Makes Racial Diversity Work in Higher Education Academic Leaders Present Successful Policies and Strategies

Mary Ann Mason and Marc Goulden, Academe, November-December 2004

Do Babies Matter (Part II)? Closing the Baby Gap.

Marcella Bombardieri, Boston Globe

In computer science, a growing gender gap: Women shunning a field once seen as welcoming

Merton, R. K.

The Matthew Effect in Science, II:Cumulative Advantage and the Symbolism of Intellectual Property

Michael Peña-appeared in the January 27, 2006 issue of the Stanford Report

University aims to support all female graduate students with new childbirth policy

National Center for Education Statistics 2004 National Study of Postsecondary Faculty (NSOPF:04) Report on Faculty and Instructional Staff (Fall 2003)


Gender Differences in Participation and Completion of Undergraduate Education and How They Have Changed Over Time


Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System, Salaries, Tenure, and Fringe Benefits of Full-time Instructional Faculty on 9- and 10-month and 11- and 12-month contracts, Academic year 1996-97


Trends in Educational Equity for Girls & Women (2004)


Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (December 2004)

National Science Foundation

Women, Minorities, and Persons with Disabilities in Science and Engineering


NSF's Guide to Proposal Writing

Robin Wilson. The Chronicle, November 11, 2005

The Laws of Physics:A postdoc's pregnancy derails her career

Rose, V. University of Rhode Island

Encouraging Students into Engineering

Scott Jashik, Inside Higher Ed News, September 15, 2005

Faux Family Friendly?

Urry, M.,Journal of American Physical Society, May 2005.

Diminished By Discrimination We Scarcely See

Dr. Virginia Valian

Why so Slow? The Advancement of Women

Senatorial Peer Review






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BBC News (09/08/05)

Women Are 'Put Off' Hi-Tech Jobs

Broad, William J

New York Times (10/13/05)

Top Advisory Panel Warns of an Erosion of the U.S. Competitive Edge in Science

Campbell, Kate
Diamondback (07/14/05)

Computer Science Enrollment Lulls After End of Tech Boom

Commission on Professionals in Science & Technology STEM Workforce Data Project Reports and White Papers

Flynn, Ken
El Paso Times (09/16/05)

Computer Science Majors Find Jobs Easily


Fost, Dan
San Francisco Chronicle (07/18/05)

Getting More Girls to Study Math, Tech

Gedda, Rodney
Computerworld Australia (09/21/05)

What Makes a Great IT Pro

Gross, Grant
DG News Service (10/21/05)

Legislation Would Nearly Double H-1B Visa Limit


Senate Panel Votes to Boost H-1B Visa Limit by 30,000

Horowitz, Alan S.
Computerworld (09/12/05)

IT Workers: You Can't Always Guess What They Want

Koprowski, Gene J.
NewsWeek (09/05/05)

Unions Step Up Organizing of IT Workers, Outsourcing Fight

Keefe, Patricia
InformationWeek (10/17/05)

Why We Need IT

Lilley, Sandra
NBC News (07/19/05)

Who Are the New Computer Whizzes?

Maclay, Kathleen
UC Berkeley News (07/14/05)

Study Shows Promise of Entry-Level IT Jobs for Low-Wage Workers

Malone, Zhanda
Edwardsville Intelligencer (09/05/05);

Pushing Girls Toward Science

Mook, Bob
Denver Business Journal (08/14/05);
Fewer Women Find Their Way Into Tech

Montalbano, Elizabeth
DG News Service (07/18/05)

Gates Worried Over Decline in U.S. Computer Scientists

Murphy, Chris
InformationWeek (10/03/05)

Speak Up for the IT Career

Nester, Janet
Kansas City InfoZone

Female Interest in Technology Fields Crucial, Say Universities and Corporations

NewsFactor Network

I.T. Staff Shortage Looming

Reuters (07/08/05)

U.S. Losing Lead in Science and Engineering--Study

Riley, Sheila
EE Times (09/26/05)

EE Schools: Where Are the Girls?

Scott-Dixon, Krista (09/02/05)

Women in IT: How Are We Doing

Sutker, Colin
Triangle Business Journal (07/01/05)

Schools Looking for Ways to Lure More Minorities

Thibodeau, Patrick
Computerworld (10/03/05)

IT Groups Push Congress to Raise H-1B Visa Limits

Weiss, Todd R.
Computerworld (10/18/05)

Tech Sector Job Cuts Up 18.8 Percent So Far in '05