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Advising Programs for Student Athletes 

The University of Rhode Island is proud to offer our approximately 450 student-athletes across 16 sports an academic support system designed to foster responsibility and enthusiasm for learning. Our support services emphasize the University's commitment to education and graduation.

Our staff is located in the University College Academic Enhancement Office in the Tootell building.

The following services are offered to all student-athletes:

Freshman Orientation Meeting
A welcome session for freshman athletes that is a part of the summer orientation program.

Freshman Athlete Orientation Course
Special sections of the required freshman URI 101 course for student-athletes undecided in their major.

Informational Team Meetings
A chance to discuss such topics as athletic eligibility changes of policy, special events or academic procedures in a group meeting.

Student-Athlete Study Hall
A quiet, supervised study time for first semester freshman athletes and for any athletes having academic difficulty.

Rhody Ram Computer Lab
A supervised computer lab in the Tootell Complex offering both day and evening hours.

Drop-in Supplemental Advising

Assistance in resolving scheduling conflicts, determining choice of major, and investigating internship and post-graduate opportunities.  Our staff supplements -- but not replaces -- the advising provided by that of the students’ major advisor.

The following services are offered to student-athletes on Special Advisement:

Student-athletes who need additional academic support, or who have encountered serious academic difficulty, are assigned to one of our Learning Specialists.  During these weekly meetings we:

  • Offer close academic monitoring and ongoing needs assessment.

  • Discuss academic problems

  • Develop time management and study skills. 

  • Work closely with the Academic Enhancement Center to provide assistance for those student- athletes requiring tutorial support.

  • Liaison with the Disability Services to provide accommodations
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Advising Programs for Student Athletes
Three Keaney Road, Suite One, Kingston, RI 02881
Fax: 401-874-9259