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Welcome to Supplemental Instruction

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Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a popular kind of support that helps students learn material and study more effectively in challenging first year math and sciences courses.

Each SI session is led by an AEC trained SI Leader — a student who who has succeeded in the course and who now works closely with the course professor to provide effective week to week support sessions.  Because it's run by experienced facilitators who also happen to be students, it's a comfortable, fun environment -- a great opportunity for students to ask questions, practice together, prep for tests, and review and re-enforce what they're learning.

Best of all, SI works: students who attend SI sessions regularly generally earn grades that are a a half to a full grade point higher than their classmates! Check the schedules above to see if and where SI sessions are being held for your course.

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What other students are saying about the AEC.

Supplemental Instruction at URI


Last Day of AEC Services

The last day of AEC Services for the spring 2014 semester is Tuesday April 29th. Please see the schedule below for information on additional exam preparation sessions. Good luck on your final exams!


Course Date Time Location
BIO 101 Tuesday April 29th  6:30-8pm Swan Auditorium
BIO 121 Wednesday April 30th  11-12:30pm CBLS 100
CHM 101 (Kiesewetter) Tuesday April 29th  3:30-5pm Chafee 271
CHM 101 (McGregor) Tuesday April 29th  5-6:30pm Swan Auditorium
CHM 103 Tuesday April 29th  5-6:30pm CBLS 100
CHM 124 Wednesday April 30th  5:30-7pm White 205
CHM 227 Wednesday May 7th 6:30-8pm Swan 305
PHY 203 Wednesday April 30th  1-2:30pm East Auditorium
SPA 103 Tuesday April 29th  5-6pm Swan 305
SPA 104 Tuesday April 29th  6-7PM Swan 305