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SI Quotes

Here are some quotes from students' session evaluations for the Spring 2008 semester:

"[The SI Leader] is very good at explaining concepts and she is very patient with me when I did not understand the material, even after going over it a few times."

"Overall, this session was a lot of help and I am definitely going to do better in this course!"

"I found this very helpful and I am not intimidated by the material."

"[The SI Leader] knew how to answer all of the questions."

"I am understanding the material much better. Thanks!"

"I really like how [the SI Leader] paces the sessions so that we cover a lot of material. She is a very good SI leader."

"[The SI Leader] broke the material down into simpler terms and always made sure questions were answered."

"I learned a lot!"

"I'll be back to these, it's a small and personal atmosphere."

"I like how laid back and comfortable the teaching method is."

"I like [the SI Leader] as a tutor. I think she explains the hardest materials and makes them very clear. I feel more confident because she is active and makes sure we understand."

"[the SI Leader] very energetic and it keeps me awake and active during the session."

"[The SI Leader] has great techniques and helped with studying strategies!"

"[The SI Leader] is a very big help and she is the only reason I haven't dropped the class."

"[The SI Leader] explained the material very well. Best SI Math 107 instructor so far."

"Very good SI leader- Couldn't have passed the class without her."

"I'm going to come to more sessions because I have gained knowledge on the material."

"... a life saver; this is the only reason I might be able to do well in this class."

"[The SI leader] is always willing to help me."

"Thank you so much!"

"SI rocks! She totally knows her stuff and helps to clarify all of the information from class!"

"It was very helpful and I will be coming every week."

"[The SI leader] explained significant figures that I may have never been able to get."

"[The SI Leader] is great! I look forward to Monday nights!"

"Great practice problems!"

"First time at the session, it was very helpful. Everything was clearly explained. I will be coming back."

"He is an amazing SI leader, he was clear, precise, and very resourceful."

" [The SI Leader] took the time to answer all of the questions."

"Thanks for all of the help this semester!"

"I am sad SI is almost over!"

"The approach is interactive and goes quickly. A lot of information and worth the hour and a half."

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