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Hawk - Big moments in the woods

Celebrating 50 Years of the W. Alton Jones Campus

What were your big moments in the woods?

About 20,000 people visit the Alton Jones campus each year. Chances are, you've been one of them. Maybe you went there as a camper, or a camp counselor. Maybe you got married at the lake, or attended someone else's wedding. You may have gotten a degree, attended a company retreat, or had a lunch a meeting there. Whatever your memories of Alton Jones, we want to hear them. Tell us about YOUR big moments in the woods.

The setting was perfect for an uninterrupted retreat, but I especially loved seeing the family of deer bound through the woods when I was on a bird walk with a colleague.

— Cindy S.
Staff retreat, 2010

The facilities were beautiful, and it was a relaxing atmosphere where we could just think.

— Kerri Hicks
Staff retreat, 2010

The all-day field trip I took in high school to the Alton Jones Campus is the only school field trip I can even remember, and it was a fabulous experience. I'm sure I'll never forget the great team-building and trust exercises we did.

— Todd M
High School field trip, 1979

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