W. Alton Jones Campus

Frequently Asked Questions
From Campers

What is Alton Jones?

Alton Jones is a large piece of land with plenty of space to explore and learn about nature. The next door neighbors are state parks and forests, making this place seem even bigger. While at camp you may get to see places like Lake Eisenhower, the Woodvale Farm, and the Nature Preserve.

What is the Environmental Education Center?  

The Environmental Education Center, or EEC, is a place where thousands of kids come each year to learn and have fun outdoors. It gives you room to explore, make friends, and learn cool things. Our goal is to get kids like you excited about the natural world.

What do I get to do at Camp?

Lots!  During most of the day you will spend time exploring the theme you have chosen. Plus, you get to do other camp activities like swimming, canoeing, campfires, singing, games, and arts and crafts.

What group am I in?

You will be in a field group with other kids who chose the same theme, program, trip or option as you. You will spend most of your days with your field group. You will also have time to get to know your bunkmates.  Activities at camp will provide great opportunities to make new friends.

Who are my counselors?

We have some really cool counselors from all over the United States, many of which have worked at W. Alton Jones before. Whoever your counselor is you can be sure that they are excited to be at camp having a great time with you.

Where do I sleep and what’s the food like?

Unless you are on a campout, you will be staying in one of the cabins which have bathrooms inside them or for older campers, screen houses which have a bathhouse nearby. We serve the same types of food that you might eat at home or in school. The meals are prepared by our cooks, who have been at Alton Jones for 20 years. They know what kids like to eat.  When out on expeditions campers and counselors help prepare the food.

What happens if I get in trouble?

We expect that you will be on your best behavior while at camp, but if your behavior is inappropriate, steps will be taken to correct it. If your behavior affects other campers or could be harmful, we may even send you home.

What if I get sick or hurt?

You will most likely make it through your week without any injuries or illnesses.  But just in case, there is a nurse or nurse’s assistant on duty 24 hours a day. Our nurse has been caring for kids at the Environmental Education Center for 15 years. Your counselor is trained in first aid and prepared to help you on the spot.

Summer camp is a wonderful opportunity to have fun outside, make friends, try new things, and gain independence.  We are looking forward to seeing you at camp this summer!