W. Alton Jones Campus
Woodvale Farm Day Camp
An Old-Fashioned Farm Adventure
Ages 5-8

Join us for a week “Down on the Farm.” The 19th century Woodvale Farm has a barn, classroom, outbuildings, 11 acres of pastures, two gardens, a pond and hiking trails. Each week in the summer, a maximum of 40 children ages 5 to 8 are divided into 4 groups, each supervised by a trained counselor and junior counselor.

Each week has a theme that will be woven into the classic Woodvale Farm activities.  Click Here for more information on each theme.

Week 1: Barnyard Babies
Week 2: Happy Birthday, America!
Week 3: Green Thumbs
Week 4: Halloween in July
Week 5: Farmyard Friends
Week 6: Olden Days
Week 7: Kids in the Kitchen
Week 8: County Fair

The day begins at 9:00 AM with crafts, songs, games, and announcements. The morning field session lasts from about 9:30 until 11:00 AM.  During this session the campers are in their groups of  8-10 campers each.  It is during the morning and afternoon field sessions that the children learn all about the farm, the people who built it, the animals, gardens and nature.  They learn about animal care and help with the morning chores. They will meet some of the animals up close, feeling their fur, feathers or wool, listening to the noises and observing their behavior with a focus on safe, humane interactions. Their group may help feed and water the goats, pigs, sheep, rabbits, chickens, chicks or ducks on a rotating basis. They visit the gardens to taste the vegetables and fruits of the season, plant seeds and help with the garden chores such as watering, weeding and harvesting.  To see how food goes from the field to the kitchen, they may harvest a zucchini and bake a loaf of zucchini bread or they might grind some corn and bake cornbread.  They will get to know the animals at Woodvale Farm.  From the chickens and ducks to the sheep and goats, they’ll learn why farmers keep and raise animals.  On Thursday morning there is usually a Living History activity that involves all the campers in an imaginative journey into Woodvale Farm’s past.  

Lunch begins at 11:00 AM with hand washing.  Campers sit at the picnic tables with their counselor and junior counselor.  After lunch and more sunscreen, campers have a supervised free-play with balls, jump ropes and hula-hoops.  There is usually an organized game such as kickball or soccer and a quieter game or craft in the shade of a sun-shelter.  After the recreation time ends (about 12:00 noon), campers have their afternoon field session. The afternoon field session takes place from Noon until about 1:15 PM.  Campers are again in their small groups and participate in a number of different farm and nature activities. This is a very popular time for groups to make old-fashioned ice cream. 

After their afternoon session, campers gather their swim items (suit, towel, change of clothes, water-bottle) and head for the beach.  Some groups walk down to the beach, which is about a 15 minute walk downhill, while other groups are shuttled down in a 15-passenger van.  They switch on the way back.  On the first day, the lifeguards review the rules and each camper finds a swimming “buddy”.  Swim times last about 40 minutes.  Since Farm Day Campers only swim in the shallow end of the roped off swim area, swim tests are not necessary.  The shallow end reaches an adequate depth for farm campers to have an enjoyable swim time. Following swim time, the children return to the Woodvale Farm to prepare for going home. While the campers gather their things, they get the chance to have a final snack before departing. Each group is provided a snack, while groups that cooked during the day opt to sample their ice cream or cornbread. At 3:15, the children riding the shuttle bus depart and the gates open for sign-out.

On Friday there is a Farm Carnival, sometimes following a theme, which features games like ring-toss, pig calling, freeze dancing and face painting.  On Friday at 3:15 PM there is a short Family Program of skits and songs followed by a tour guided by your child.  This is their opportunity to show you around the farm to meet their favorite animals and see the gardens.  There is also a Farm Stand set up on Friday so that you can take home some of the garden’s bounty that the kids helped harvest.  Sign out and bus pick-up follows.