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This website is the primary web presence for the W. Alton Jones Campus Environmental Education Center at the University of Rhode Island. The purpose of the website is to provide information and a place to share the experiences of the campus. This site is structured into seven sections including Summer Camp, Schools, Conferences, Facilities & Setting, Directions, Jobs, and Contact Us. Each section provides information for a specific aspect of the W. Alton Jones Campus Environmental Education Center. For increasing interaction among W. Alton Jones Campus website visitors, the site provides an online information request which allows visitors to obtain information in a fast and convenient way.


This site is hosted on the URI web server. HTML and JavaScript are the main languages for implementing this website. All pictures are provided by W. Alton Jones Campus (except for those noted below) and are edited in Adobe Photoshop (Image processing software) in order to adapt them to the design of web pages. This site has been thoroughly tested across multiple browsers, platforms, operating systems, and monitor resolutions. Viewing is optimal with 4.0 or later versions of Internet Explorer and Netscape 7.0, using a screen resolution of 1024 x 768. Graphics, images, and scripting used on the web pages have been optimized for the fastest download possible.


This website was developed by the Web Development Group (WDG) at University of Rhode Island from January 2003 to April 2003. The project involved the following people:

Project Coordinator:
John Jacques - Manager, Environmental Education Center, W. Alton Jones Campus
Lin Sing Lee - Executive Producer of WDG
Associate Assistant:

Herchong Yang - Web Developer of WDG

Web Page Photo Credits

The W. Alton Jones Campus wishes to thank all those who appear on these pages and the people who took their pictures. Special thanks to Michael Salerno whose photos appear most often. The following photographers contributed to these pages:

  Josina Fluehr-Lobban
  Michael Freeman
  Nicholas Haberek
  K.C. Hubeny
  John Jacques
  Nora Lewis
  Lauren Rupp
  Michael Salerno
  Norman Schartner
  David Silverman
  Nicholas Waugh

All photographs are used with permission and are copyright protected. If you find a photograph of yourself or your child on these pages and would like it removed, contact ureeec@etal.uri.edu or 401-397-3304 ext. 6043. We must give credit to the following organizations for giving us permission to use their photos:

  Save the Bay on the Eco Mania page
  Project Oceanology on the Marine Madness page
  Moxie Outdoors Rafting on the Greylock page


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