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Alcohol "A" Team

The Alcohol Team (A-Team) is an interdisciplinary alliance involving students, staff, and faculty, and relies on the interdependence of science and practice in addressing college student substance abuse. 


The A-Team's mission is to reduce harm to students from the abusive use of alcohol and other drugs utilizing a unified, campus and community collaborative approach.


  • Implement and evaluate comprehensive, integrated programs for individual students, the university population, and the surrounding communities
  • Provide hands-on applied research and service opportunities for outstanding undergraduate and graduate students
  • Position URI at the forefront of substance abuse prevention efforts through the dissemination of empirically-validated science-based policy and preventative approaches
  • Enhance funding sources for preventative interventions from both public and private sectors


A-Team Accomplishments since 1998

  • Assessment: development, administration and analysis of regular Campus Climate Check-up Surveys; presentation of data to University community

  • Impacted curriculum: applied psychology courses (CCC administration and analysis); contributed course content to URI 101 (required freshman class); and several HDF courses related to ADD Prevention.

  • Increased collaboration and success on grant applications

  • Participation in and support of Narragansett -URI Coalition

  • Collaborated with RI Department of Health and American Cancer Society on Smoke-Free Initiative

  • Consulted on development of First Night and Greek Advisory Council

  • Serve as sounding board for policy development (Homecoming, parental notification)

Departments Represented on Alcohol Team

  • Psychology

  • Cancer Prevention Research Center

  • Counseling Center

  • Communications

  • Research and Grants

  • University College

  • Health Services

  • Substance Abuse Prevention Services

  • Student Life

  • Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation

  • Housing and Residential Life

  • Narragansett Task Force

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