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Student Support for Policies

Did you know…? 

93.9% of URI students support increasing the availability of alternative transportation in town including cabs, buses, and safe ride programs  

88.5% of URI students support increasing the use of designated driver programs  

83.3% of URI students support increasing enforcement of drinking and driving laws 

82.7% of URI students support the training of bartenders to cut off intoxicated patrons 

67.8% of URI students are supportive of having all persons under the age of 30 checked for age identification 

64.6% of URI students support providing more alcohol free recreational activities  

61.3% of URI students are supportive of requiring door personnel and bartenders to be at least 21 years of age 

49.3% of URI students are supportive of party hosts being held responsible for problems arising from alcohol use 

45.4% of URI students support stricter penalties for the use of false IDs 

34.1% of URI students support restricting advertising that promotes excessive alcohol consumption at bars or events   

30.9% of URI students support having undercover operations to increase enforcement of underage drinking laws  

23.9% of URI students support banning low price bar and liquor store promotions targeted to college students

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