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Penn-Brock statement of principles and best practices for underwater archaeology and the stewardship of underwater cultural heritage in the Mediterranean
two-part workshop series titled, Who owns underwater cultural heritage? Perspectives on archaeological law and ethics in the Mediterranean, was convened at Brock University in St Catharines, Ontario (22-25 October 2009) and at the University of Pennsylvania Museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (26-28 March 2010). Over the course of the two sessions, this document emerged through consensus of the participants to reflect principles and best practices for underwater archaeology and the stewardship of underwater cultural heritage. Click HERE to download a copy of this document.

NOAA: Quest for the Gaspee (2003) Rhode Island waters host the largest collection of Revolutionary War shipwrecks in North America. These include the infamous HMS Gaspee and at least 12 other British warships, 16 British merchant ships, and an unknown number of late 18th-century American merchantmen, warships, and fishing vessels. This summer, Dr. Rod Mather of the University of Rhode Island Coastal Institute and Dr. John Odin Jensen of the Mystic Seaport Museum will explore the maritime archaeological landscape of Revolutionary War Rhode Island.

Virginian-Pilot: Researchers return with clues to ship from late 1500s (2006) NORFOLK - Archaeologists, looking for the sailing ship that carried the oldest English cannon ever found in the United States, have returned from offshore waters with new surveys of the ocean floor that they hope will help locate the 400-year-old vessel.

The Guardian (via ArchaeologyNews.org): Archaeologists find candidates for Cook's ship Endeavour (2006) One of four 18th-century ships found on the sea bed off Rhode Island could be the Endeavour, the vessel Captain Cook commanded on his first epic voyage across the Pacific Ocean, according to US archaeologists.

Mapping our Underwater Marine Resources The Mapcoast and BayMap Partnerships