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Archaeology Group Faculty

Kristine Bovy (Anthropology) specializes in faunal remains, focusing on bird bones, as well as human/environmental interactions. She has been involved with multiple projects in the American Midwest and West.

Bridget Buxton (History and Institute for Archaeological Oceangraphy) is an Ancient Historian and Classical Archaeologist, specialising in underwater archaeology. She has worked on numerous terrestrial and underwater archaeological projects in the Mediterranean, and in her homeland of New Zealand, and frequently lectures on Mediterranean cruise ships.


Mary Hollinshead (Art History) is a classical archaeologist who specializes in the Aegean Bronze age and Greek architecture. She has worked at numerous sites in the Aegean, including the NOAA Ocean Explorer project.


John Jensen (Sea Education Association) is an underwater archaeologist and historian who dives and investigates shipwrecks in Alaska. He has also been a part of the NOAA Ocean Explorer project.

William Krieger (Philosophy) specializes in archaeological theory and methodology, especially on issues surrounding the lab/field border of science and on applying theoretical issues to the field. His fieldwork to date has been focused on helping to run surveys, sites and field schools in Israel and his current position is as the co-director of the Israel Coast Exploration project.

Roderick Mather (History) is an underwater archaeologist who has extensively surveyed the waters around Rhode Island. In addition to studying the shipwrecks in our local area and in England, he has run a field school in Bermuda, and has worked as a contract archaeologist, working underwater sites throughout the US.





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