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Archaeology Group Projects

Below you will find links to ongoing projects (both foreign and domestic) being conducted by members of the URI archaeology group. If you are interested in joining any of these projects, please contact the appropriate URI project director.

Please check back frequently. We will add projects to this list as soon as they go live.



Kristine Bovy



The Puget Sound Traditional Foods and Diabetes Project will, for the first time, use archaeological and historic data to develop a long-term picture of Native American diet in Puget Sound, and be a source of information about the potentially therapeutic value of traditional foods.


NOAA Explorer: Aegean and Black Sea 2006 - From April to June 2006, scientists from the University of Rhode Island led an expedition to study the archaeology and geology of the Aegean and Black Seas aboard two research vessels, the Greek R/V AEGAEO and the University of Rhode Island's R/V ENDEAVOR.


Israel Coast Exploration Project
a truly multidisciplinary field school that is exploring Israel's coast from both land and sea,this project features a combined terrestrial and underwater field school and an international team of experts in a wide variety of disciplines.


The Akko Crusades Project

The Rhode Island Endeavor Program (RIEP) is a state-supported initiative that provides Rhode Islanders with direct access to the scientific research and educational capabilities of an Intermediate Class research vessel, the R/V Endeavor. This support underscores Rhode Island's commitment to maintain a strong program in marine research and education.

For more information on Rhode Island Sea Grant Opportunities, click this link.


Outside Opportunities

 Below you will find links to sites promoting Archaeological projects. Although URI Archaeology group faculty are not associated with these sites, please use us as a resource if you have any questions.


Some of these sites have both field schools (which you take for credit) and other employment opportunities (usually applicable after you have had a field school).

Here is the link to the URI Belize field course: