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URI student at the African shore



Faculty with Joint Appointments in Africana Studies

Professsor Robert Dilworth, Ph.D., M.F.A., Art-AAF

Professor Rae Ferguson, Ph.D., History

Professor Gitahi Gititi, Ph.D., English

Cynthia Hamilton, Ph.D., Africana Studies

Associate Professor Shanette Harris, Ph.D., Psychology-AAF

Associate Professor John McCray, Ph.D., Vice Provost Urban Programs

Associate Professor Vanessa Quainoo, Ph.D., Communication Studies-AAF

Assistant Professor Marie Schwartz, Ph.D., History-AAF

Professor Robert Weisbord, Ph.D., History-AAF

Part Time Faculty

Norman Barber, Ph.D., Education,

Barry O'Connor,

Earl Smith, , Assistant Dean-Student Affairs of Arts and Science

Rev. Joseph Quainoo, Ph.D.,URI in Ghana Language Instructor

Some faculty members in the college of Arts and Sciences who do not appear as AAF faculty also offer courses that fulfill the requirements leading to the B.A. in AAF.




Vanessa Quainoo, Ph.D., Communication Studies-AAF
Office: 102H Lippitt Hall
Phone: 401.874.4730

Administrative Assistant

Lauren Bauer, Sr. Word Processing Typist
Office: 102J Lippitt Hall
Phone: 874-2536

Student Office Assistants

Keisha Opoku

Office: 102 Lippitt Hall
Phone: 874-2536

Graduate Student Assistant

Alice Odhiambo

Kasa Magazine Consultant

Samuel Aboh