"URI Art Gallery "Annual Juried URI Art Student Exhibition - 2014"

This show will run from April 8th to April 30th, 2014

Please join us for the opening reception and meet and talk with the artist represented in the show, Thursday, April 10th from 2pm - 5pm

The URI Art Gallery is open Monday thru Friday from 12:30pm till 4pm

This show is conceived as an annual event for all interested art students to get experiences submitting to a juried exhibition and it is an exciting way to end the academic year and celebrate the creativity and innovation of our students in the URI Art and Art History department.

Download: Exhibition Poster

Artist in the exhibition:

Kelly Ahern
De'Anna Alexander
Colette Aubin
Lila Barber
Ashley Bourque
Nicole Bowden
Michael Carlin
Julie Coutts
Audrey Davidson
Brenna Guay
Lynn M. Hana
John Harrington
Olivia Harrison
Lucas Hearne
Lauren Koger
Rhonda Laporte
Walter Lewis
Wenyen Agatha Lo
Mackenzie Loffredo
Kirby Nunez
Giancarlo Onorato
Amanda Perry
Hayden Pfeiffer
Carvar Rapp
Elizabeth Richards
Benjamin Riley
Gelila Mesfin Shenkut
Daniel Smith
Aaron Stark
Maya Stern
Sarah Tacey
Matt Valletta
Ariana White
Audrey Whitfield

All programs of the URI Art Gallery are open to the public without charge & all are handicapped accessible.

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