David Barnes

February 4 to 28 - 2013

"Moments of Crisis and Transcendence"

"Moments of crisis. This is the unifying theme of this show. Both the moment of crisis itself and the immediate aftermath. Our world is impermanent. Forms and situations are always changing. Sometimes violently. This is the entry point for these paintings. Whether on a battlefield, political rally, or spiritual path, unavoidable destabilizing events inherent to the human condition occur. These paintings explore this experience." - David Barnes, 2013


Curated by Ron Hutt.

David Barnes Poster

The Avenue Concept

March 4 to 28 - 2013

"Providence Under Pressure"

"Providence Under Pressure" - Yarrow Thorne and the 'Avenue Concept' Graffiti Street Artist works. Graffiti Art works from the June 23, 2012 "Providence Under Pressure" event held in Kennedy Plaza plus new Graffiti Art painted directly on the URI Art Gallery walls. The Avenue Concept is recognized as 1 of 20 emerging arts organizations in the United States and is awarded 3 years of operating support as a surprise award from 'The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation'. Yarrow Thorne graduated from RISD in 2012 with a BFA in Industrial Design, is the founder and owner of The Avenue Concept. The Avenue Concept is a public art program that creates positive options to recurrent challenges with Rhode Island public vandalism in the Graffiti Artist scene.

WPRI- Video and Report

Curated by Ron Hutt and Yarrow Thorne.

The Avenue Concept Poster

Student Exhibition

April 4 to May 2 - 2013

"Juried URI Art Student Exhibition"

The upcoming Annual Juried Student Exhibition represents the outstanding creative work of students currently enrolled at the University of Rhode Island. While submitters’ qualifications do not mandate a major in Art, inevitably the majority of submissions are those of current Art (Studio) majors at the University of Rhode Island, and hence they reflect the serious application of current as well as traditional modes of art making.

The Information and Dates for Submitting your Art Work.

Information Form for Labeling of Art Work.

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