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Mary Hollinshead

Associate Professor

Mary Hollinshead Mary Hollinshead is a Classical archaeologist; she works on material from ancient Greece and Rome and earlier cultures located in the Mediterranean region. A graduate of Bryn Mawr College (A.B. Honors), she studied at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, earned an M.A. at Harvard, and returned to Bryn Mawr for her Ph.D.

Greek architecture is a major focus of her research and the Aegean Bronze Age has been a longtime interest. She has written about the function of Greek temples, and is currently writing a book on Greek monumental steps and ceremonial behavior. Mary's article on Bronze Age Theran wall painting identified an artist who worked in several different buildings at Akrotiri before the eruption. Her work on issues of Roman sculpture led to serving as a consulting curator to the exhibit "Rethinking the Romans" at the Rhode Island School of Design Museum.

Mary is a member of URI's Archaeology Group, a multidisciplinary team of faculty who teach archaeology and related courses in the departments of Art, History, Anthropology, and Philosophy. She has excavated at sites in Italy, Cyprus and Greece on land, and joined Dr. Robert Ballard of URI surveying the deep sea bed of the Aegean. Mary and participants in the Archaeology Group advise Art History students and others interested in archaeology and fieldwork.

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