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" was decided that it was easier to silence him by means of the hemlock than to cure the evils of which he complained." From Socrates, in Bertrand Russell's A History of Western Philosophy.




LogBlog (beginning February, intermittent postings thereafter) (html)

Un-Sustainability (March) (html)

Update of 2001 Research Benchmarks tables (May) (html)

"An Institution of Choice" (November) (html)

"Building the Future at the University of Rhode Island: Reflections on a RI legislative report" (November) (html)


Learning for a New Culture (May) (html)

Waking Up in the Century of Limits (August 2007) (html)


Update of 2001 Research Benchmarks tables (April) (html)

Concerns About the Biotechnology Building (August) (html)


Confluence: Returning to Roots at URI (html)

Web Development Curricula in Research Universities


Shared Governance in CELS (html)

College Meetings and Principle-Centered Leadership (html)


Research Benchmarks: Funding University Research Operations and Infrastructure (html)


Strategic Plan: Director of Land Grant Programs (html)


RIAES History: How the RI Agricultural Experiment Station Came to Be (html)

Reinventing the Research University: A Blueprint for the University of Rhode Island (html)

USDA-CSREES Plan of Work for RIAES / RICE (html)


EBI: Environmental Biotechnology Initiative—Concept Paper (html)


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