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Department of Communication Studies

Communication Fundamentals

Basic Course Program in Communication

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Our Basic Course in communication, Communication Fundamentals (COM100/100H/110), surveys the contemporary field of Communication Studies and teaches students the necessary skills and abilities to become Teacher in classroomeffective communicators and critical consumers of discourse. Although offered through the Department of Communication Studies, our Basic Course is one of the largest course offerings in URI's General Education Program, and it plays a critical role in our Grand Challenge Program, Freshman Learning Communities, and the Honors Program, as well as serving as a prerequisite for Communication Studies majors and for many other departments, programs, and colleges at URI.

Our Basic Course in communication enrolls 3400–3600 students each year in 140–160 sections delivered on two campuses. taught by a 45-member teaching faculty. In addition to the standard curriculum, we also offer Honors Program sections (COM100H) and a large lecture (COM110).

Our Basic Course in communication participates in the national Communication Across the Curriculum (CxC) initiative to support and promote the teaching and practice of communication across and within all academic disciplines.

For more information about the Basic Course Program and the Communication Across the Curriculum initiative at the University of Rhode Island, please contact the Basic Course Director, Professor Adam David Roth, Ph.D. (

Communication Fundamentals Syllabus