Public Relations Program
Defined by its multidisciplinary approach, students enrolled in the Public Relations Program are immersed in a captivating array of courses in preparation for today’s competitive global landscape (more)

Public Relations Summit
Described as informal and informative, students participating in the PR Summits interact with recognized leaders in the Public Relations industry here in Rhode Island (more).

Big Idea Group
At the University of Rhode Island, we "Think Big." Students participating in The Big Idea Group will gain practical experience in strategic planning, event management and other facets of Public Relations (more)

Experiential Learning
A unique feature of the Public Relations Program is the opportunity for students to participate in innovative and out-of-the-box opportunities. Public Relations students were immersed in an invaluable opportunity to study the impact of social media strategies in terms of student retention at the University. (more)

Jonnycake Center in Peace Dale, RI
It's all about building relationships.... Public Relations students will roll up their sleeves to assist this invaluable organization celebrate its 40th anniversary.  Once again, we at URI “Think Big”.(more).

Innovative Courses Approved
Students will participate in an array of innovative courses to prepare them for the competitive global landscape. Click here for a detailed description of the required courses in the Public Relations Program.

Scholarly Interests

A life-long learner, I embrace the opportunity to engage in meaningful learning experiences to advance my ability to lead my students in the discovery of core concepts and theories associated with public relations.