sustainability Minor
Course Content
composter Hawaiian Coast Debris wind farm river pollution

Courses by Category and "Triangle"

Synthesis Courses
Spaceship Earth
AFS 190 (or BCH, MIC, NRS, PLS 190)
Issues in Biotechnology
BIO 262
Introductory Ecology
COM 315
Environmental Dimensions of Communication
GEO 100
Environmental Geology
HPR 411
Honors Seminar: Spaceship Earth
MAF 100
Human Use and Management of the Marine Environment
MAF 220
Introduction to Marine and Coastal Law
MAF 330
World Fishing
MAF 465
GIS Applications for Coastal and Marine Management
NRS 100
Natural Resource Conservation
OCG 110
Ocean Planet
OCG 123
Oceans, Atmosphere and Global Change
Core Courses: Economics
EEC 105
Introduction to Resource Economics
ECN 201
Principles of Microeconomics
ECN 202
Principles of Macroeconomics
EEC 205
Resource Management and Conservation
EEC 310
Economics for Environmental Resource Management and Policy
EEC 345
Sustainable Development, Trade, and the Environment
EEC 440
Benefit-Cost Analysis
EEC 441
Trade, Markets and Natural Resources
Core Courses: Social Equity/Justice
APG 203
Cultural Anthropology
COM 410
Communication and Environmental Sustainability
COM 415
Ethics in Persuasion
COM 462
Communication and Global Society
HPR 319
Global Challenge of Emerging Infectious Disease in Developing Nations
NFS 207
General Nutrition
SOC 240/AAF 240
Race and Ethnic Relations
SOC 242
Sex & Gender
SOC 318
Social Movements and Social Change
SOC 336/AAF 336
Social Inequality
SOC 350
Work & Family Life
SOC 413
Gender Inequality
SOC 428/AAF 428
Institutional Racism
SOC 438
Aging in Society
SOC 452
Class & Power
Core Courses: Environment
AFS 102
Introductory Aquaculture
AFS 120
Introductory Fisheries
BIO 101
Principles of Biology I
BIO 467
Animal Behavior
CHM 100
Chemistry of our Environment
GEO 103
Understanding Earth
LAR 444
Sustainable Design III
LAR 445
Sustainable Design IV
NFS 276
Food, Nutrition, and People
NRS 223
Conservation of Population and Ecosystems
Introduction to Global Issues in Sustainable Development
NRS 361
Watershed Hydrology And Management
NRS 401/NRS 501
Foundations of Restoration Ecology
NRS 411/NRS 511
Population and Environmental Change
NRS 414/NRS 514
Climate Change Science & Policy
NRS 445/NRS 545
Invasive Species
OCG 131
Volcanoes and the Environment
PLS 306
Landscape Management and Arboriculture
PLS 311
Fruit Production & Culture
PLS 324
Vegetable Crop Production
TMD 226
Interior Design I
Internship Courses
COM 471/472
Internship in Communication Studies
ITR 301/302
Field Experience
International Development Internship
Capstone Courses
COM 455/HPR319
Century of Limits
MAF 472
Marine Recreation and Tourism
MAF 475
Human Responses to Coastal Hazards and Disasters
NRS 496/CPL 495
Seminar in International Development
Marine protected areas: an interdisciplinary analysis
OCG 480/OCG 580
Introduction to Marine Pollution
PSC 403
Global Ecopolitics