sustainability Minor
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Course Requirements for the Sustainability Minor

Components of a minor:

Additional components of the Sustainability Minor:

  1. Core courses listing
  2. Internship – Students may elect to take an internship offered from within a given major. Some majors have generic internship courses in which students may seek approval for from 3-6 credits (e.g. Communication Studies; others would need to use the Office of Internships & Experiential Education to arrange for an appropriate internship of from 3-12 credits, only 3 of which would be required for the minor. Approval of the internship activity to fulfill requirements of the minor would require approval by the Sustainability Minor Coordinator(s).
  3. 9 credits of courses, one from each of the three areas (environment; social equity; economics)
  4. Capstone Course – This course will require submission of a brief proposal in which students describe the intended work and how it relates to sustainability, the associated course and the faculty sponsor. The faculty member may well be simply signing off on a course that s/he teaches as part of a regular workload or may be agreeing to sponsor the student’s work in a special studies arrangement, which could be an add-on to the internship or stand alone. The Sustainability Minor Coordinator would then need to approve the proposed capstone course. The Sustainability Minor Committee will be consulted on the appropriateness of capstone courses when outside the pre-approved list, internships and the addition of any new courses to the minor.

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