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Changing a FERPA pestriction to permit listing in the graduation program.

Attention Potential Arts & Sciences Graduate:

As we prepare for the upcoming graduation ceremony, we are compiling the list of potential graduates for the ceremonial program. This list can only include students who do not have a FERPA restriction, which affects the confidentiality of your personal information.

If you have been informed that you have a FERPA restriction placed on your record, no information can be released. For you to change this temporarily for the printing of the program, or indefinitely, please log on to PeopleSoft in e-Campus and follow the path of instructions below to make this change. For 2008 graduation, it is important that you do so by Friday, April 1st.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to call the Deanís Office in Arts and Sciences @ 874-2566 or stop by Room 257 Chafee Social Science Center.

Go to: Home > SA Self Service > Personal Portfolio > Tasks > FERPA/Directory Restrictions

You will see: FERPA Restrictions
List FERPA/Directory Restrictions

Under the regulations defined by the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, you have chosen to restrict the following information from release.

Please note that unless otherwise indicated, this information will not be made available to any oral or written request, nor will it appear in any publication.

Click on: Edit FERPA Directory to make your changes.