College of Arts and Sciences



APG327 Bioanthropology

CLS/PHL235 Philosophy/Lit

COM200 Human Communication

COM205 American Speeches

COM210 Persuasion

HIS111 Greece & Rome

HIS112 Medieval Europe

HIS113,114 Western Civ

HIS115,116 His. of Science

HIS118 Women in Europe

HIS123 Modern British Civ

HIS125 Germany

HIS132 Russian/Soviet

HIS141,142,143 US History

HIS145 Women/America

HIS/AAF150 Afro-American

HIS171 East Asia

HIS176, 177 Islamic MidEast

HIS180 Latin America

HIS305 Renaissance

HIS306,307 Reformation

HIS309 French Revolution

HIS310,311,315 Europe

HIS321,322,323,324 England

HIS327 Germany

HIS332,333 Russia/Soviet Union

HIS340,341,342,346 America

HIS353,354 US Diplomacy

HIS360 American Culture

HIS 372 Science & Ethics

HIS376 Women/Muslim Society

HIS377 Revolution in Islam

HIS381,382 Latin America

HIS383, 384 Mexico/Caribbean

HIS398 His. Thru Sci Fiction

HIS383, 384 Mexico/Caribbean

HPR104 Thinking/Letters

HPR107 Honors Letters

LAR202 Landscape Design

JOR110 Intro Mass Media

LET151,351 Topics: Letters

NES200 New England

PHL103 Intro Philosophy

PHL204 Human Nature

PHL210 Women/Moral Rights

PHL212,314 Ethics

PHL217 Social Philosophy

PHL314 Medical Ethics

PHL318 Socialism

PHL321 Ancient Philosophy

PHL322 Medieval Philosophy

PHL323 Modern Philosophy

PHL324 European Philosophy

PHL325 American Philosophy

PHL328 Phil. of Religion

PHL331 East Asian

PHL346 Existentialism

PHL355 Philosophy of Art

PSC240,341,342 Politic Theory

PSY310 History of Psychology

RLS111 Comparative Religion

RLS125 Biblical Thought

RLS126 Christian Thought

RLS131 Oriental Philosophies

WMS220 Women/Natural Science

WMS333 Women in Irish Society

Basic Liberal Studies Requirements

BLS Topics


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