College of Arts and Sciences



CLA391,395,396, 397 Myth

CLS160 Lit Masterpieces

CLS250 Themes & Myths

CLS335 Interdisc Comp Lit

ENG/CLS160 Lit Masterpieces

ENG241,242 American Lit

ENG243 The Short Story

ENG/AAF247 Pan-African Lit

ENG/AAF248 Afro-American Lit

ENG251,252 English Lit

ENG260 Women & Lit

ENG263 Intro to Poetry

ENG264 Intro to Drama

ENG265 Intro to the Novel

COM231 Oral Interpret/Lit

ENG280 Shakespeare

HPR101 Thinking/Humanities

FRN327,328 French Lit

GER392 German Lit*

HPR101 Thinking/Humanities

ITL325,326 Italian Lit

ITL391,392,395 Italian LIt*

RUS325,326 Russian Lit

RUS391,392 Russian Lit*

SPA305,306 Spanish Lit

SPA307 Hispanic Culture

SPA308 Lit Modern Spain

SPA325 Literary Genres

SPA391,392 Spanish Lit*

SPA393 Spanish Lit*

*In Translation

Basic Liberal Studies Requirements

BLS Topics


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