College of Arts and Sciences



APG201 Human Origins

AST108 Astronomy

AVS101 Animal Science BCH 342 Genetics
BIO104A Plant Biology BIO104B Animal Biology
BIO112 General Botany BIO113 General Zoology
BIO286 Insects/Disease CHM100 Environ Chem
CHM101,102 Chem I CHM103,105 Intro Chem
CHM112,114 Chem II CHM124 Organic Chem
CHM191,192 Chem FSN207 Nutrition
GEL100 Environ Geology GEL102 Dinosaurs
GEL103 Physical Geology HPR103 Think/Natural Sci
HPR109 Natural Sciences OCG 110 Ocean Planet
OCG123 Oceanography OCG 131 Volcanoes
PHY109,110 Intro Physics PHY111,185 Physics I
PHY112,186 Physics II PHY130 Climatic Change
PHY140 Ideas of Physics PHY213,285 Physics
PHY214,286 Physics

Basic Liberal Studies Requirements

BLS Topics


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