College of Arts and Sciences



APG200 Language/Culture APG202 Prehistoric Ages
APG203 Cultural Anthropology APG220 Study of Language
APG319 Cultural Behavior CNS220 Consumer in Economy
COM220 Small Group Communi. ECN100,201,202 Economics
ECN 381 Cont Political Economy EDC102 American Education
EDC312 Psychology of Learning ENG332 English Language
ENG330 American English GEG100 Human Ecosystems
GEG104 Political Geography HDF220 Gerontology
HPR102 Thinking/Social Sci. HPR110 Honors Social Science
LIN200 Language/Culture LIN202 Language Evolution
LIN220 Study of Language MGT110 Intro to Business
NRS100 Resource Conservation NUR150 Human Sexuality
PSC113 American Politics PSC116 International Politics
PSC201 Comparative Politics PSC221 State/Local Government
PSC288 American Legal System PSY103 Self-Understanding
PSY113 General Psychology PSY232 Developmental Psych.
PSY235 Personality PSY254 Abnormal Psychology
REN105 Resource Economics SOC100 General Sociology
SOC102 Contemp. Problems SOC204 Social Psychology
SOC206 Human Societies SOC212 The Family
SOC214 Urban Sociology SOC216 Deviant Behavior
SOC224 Medical Sociology SOC238 Population Problems
SOC240 Minority/Majority SOC241 Work/Society
SOC242 Sex/Gender SOC316 Social Welfare
SOC330 Criminology SOC336 Social Inequality
WMS150 Women's Studies

Basic Liberal Studies Requirements

BLS Topics


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