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A readmitting student is one who has had a break of at least two regular (Fall or Spring) semesters. Such a break in continuous attendance automatically terminates a student's active status, necessitating readmission in order to continue toward a degree.

Additionally, students who graduate from the University and wish to pursue a second undergraduate degree must apply for readmission, even if there has been no break in continuity of attendance.

A readmitting student may seek readmission into a college and/or program different from that formerly attended. In such a case, the student should direct the application to the dean of the college in which admittance is sought. Students formerly in University College who have earned at least 25 credits toward graduation may submit their application for readmission directly to the degree-granting college.

Readmission to the College of Arts and Sciences

You may apply either by mail or in person. If applying by mail, please complete the application and return to:

Dean's Office
College of Arts & Sciences,
Chaffee Hall, Kingston RI 02881

Transcripts of coursework taken at another institution since your last enrollment at the University should be sent directly to the college of the University into which your are seeking readmission.

To apply:

  1. Request an application from the Office of Enrollment Services or download an application (pdf).
  2. Take the application to the dean of the college to which you are applying. You should have submitted to that dean official transcripts of coursework taken at another institution since your last enrollment at the University.
  3. After an evaluation and decision has been made on your application you will be notified directly by the college to which you have applied.

After notification of an aceptatnce from your dean, the Office of the Registrar will send you a re-enrollment card which must be returned with a $50 nonrefundable deposit to confirm your enrollment. The deposit will be applied against your term billing.

Completion of questions related to sex, marital status, date of birth, citizenship and ethnic origin is optional. The information requested is gathered in order to report aggregate totals to the United States Department of Education in compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act Of1964 and subsequent laws and regulations. Summaries are also provided to the Rhode Island Department of Education and to various academic and administrative offices of the University. These summaries are used to assess progress toward affirmative action goals to which the University is committed.


All applications for readmission to the College of Continuing Education must be directed to:

Office of Finance and Records
College of Continuing Education
University of Rhode Island
Promenade and Gaspee Street
Providence, Rhode Island 02908

A decision will be sent to you directly from the College of Continuing Education.


You must submit official transcripts of all academic work taken at other institutions since your last attendance at the University before a decision will be made on your application for readmission. These transcripts should be sent to the dean's office of the college into whcih you are seeking readmission. A decision on your application will not be made until these transcripts are received and evaluated.