ECN201 Principles of Microeconomics
John P. Burkett
Fall 2013

This site provides links to class materials and related resources for economics. The portable document format items (the syllabus and errata) can be viewed and printed with a PDF viewer such as Adobe Acrobat, Evince, Okular, or Xpdf.

    Software for solving linear programming problems
    Template for lp_solve code for least-cost diet problem
    Instructions for writing a report about a least-cost nutritionally-adequate diet
    Optional use of NEOS for solving a diet problem
    Errata for textbook
    Problem set 9 solutions
    Problem set 13 solutions
    Problem set 17 solutions


    American Economic Association   (Information for undergraduate students)
    Bureau of Economic Analysis     (Official statistics on U.S. economy)
    Comprehensive TeX Archive Network   (Free software for technical writing)
    The Economist   (News weekly with good coverage of economics)
    Emacs  (Free text editor, useful for programming and technical writing)
    PlanetMath  (Mathematics encyclopedia)
    R project   (Free statistical software, well suited to empirical economic research)
    Reference databases in URI library   (Access to EconLit, etc.)
    SAGE   (Free mathematics software)
    USDA Dietary Reference Intakes   (Nutrient recommendations)
    USDA National Nutrient Database   (Nutrient content of many foods)

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