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Department of English


Internship Course Information
ENG 493, ENG 494

English 493 and English 494 each offer 3 upper–division credits for completing a supervised internship experience.

The courses are designed to provide practical job experience related to your English major.  They are intended to help you identify career skills, explore career goals, learn job search techniques, and explore a particular work environment.

For English Department internships, you must find your own job placement.  Lists of possible placements are available at the Office of Internships and Experiential Education in Roosevelt Hall.  The Office of Internships and Experiential Education offers part or full-time internships if you are looking for more than the 3 or 6 units available through English.

Course requirements:

  1. A journal of work experience: what you do at your job, what you are learning about office management and politics, how you fit in, what you are learning about your own capabilities and interests.  This journal will be submitted bi-weekly or monthly to your faculty advisor.
  2. Evaluation by your supervisor at the job site.
  3. Your final report.

For more information, contact:

Professor Valerie Karno, Internship Coordinator
English Department
Swan Hall
University of Rhode Island
Kingston, RI 02881
Tel. # (401) 874-4682

Click here for Internship Application (pdf).
Click here for Internship Contract Cover Sheet (pdf).