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Department of English

English Department Committees: 2009-2010

Executive Committee (Chair, DGS, DUS, one member at large for Chair’s term):

Stephen Barber, Chair
Ryan Trimm, DGS
Carolyn Betensky, co-DUS
Gina Valentino, Feinstein Laison
Travis Williams, co-DUS

Nominating/Tellers Committee (2 faculty, staggered 3 year terms):

1. Carolyn Betensky (3rd year)
2. Ryan Trimm (2nd year)

Long Range Planning Committee:

Stephen Barber
Carolyn Betensky
Kathleen Davis
Jennifer Jones
Naomi Mandel
Ryan Trimm
Travis Williams

Selections Committee (Chair and 1 faculty member at large: 3 additional elected in year when search being conducted, 1 from each rank):

Temporarily suspended

Ad Hoc Student Outcome Assessments Committee:

Carolyn Betensky, Valerie Karno

Curriculum Committee (2 faculty, 3rd added when curricular changes being made; no term specified):

Peter Covino
Matt Frankel
Valerie Karno
Marty Rojas (Committee Chair)
Gina Valentino
Advisory capacity: Jennifer Jones, Jean Walton

Alumni Liaison Committee (3 faculty for staggered 3 year terms):

Valerie Karno, Karen Stein

Under Graduate Committee:

Bob Schwegler, Graduate Director of Writing and Rhetoric

Graduate Committee (DGS plus 3 faculty for staggered 2 year term; 2 grad students for 1 year):

1. Ryan Trimm, DGS
2. Kathleen Davis, Supervisor of TAs
3. Bob Schwegler, Associate Graduate Director (Writing and Rhetoric)
4. Carolyn Betenksy
5. Stephanie Dunson
6. Jean Walton
7. Graduate Student Member 1 - Becky Greene
8. Graduate Student Member 2 - Rosaleen Greene-Smith

Graduate Liason Committee:

1. Timothy Amidon
2. Fredrik Deboer
3. Jessica Gray

Graduate Admissions Subcommittee (formed by Graduate Committee):

Kathleen Davis
Travis Williams
Mike Pennell, Writing and Rhetoric

Job Placement Subcommitte:

Kathleen Davis
Alain-Philippe Durand
Jennifer Jones (Committee Chair)
Ryan Trimm
Associates: Marty Rojas, Travis Williams

CCE English Coordinator Liasons

Mary Cappello
Gina Valentino

Events, Series, PR, and Webmaster Committee (3 faculty for staggered 2 year terms; 1 grad student for 1 year):

1. Read/Write Series: Peter Covino
2. PR (compiler and publisher of departmental news): Mary Cappello
3. Webmaster: Thomas Barkman
4. Grad Students: Becky Green, Nancy Caronia, James Gorham
5. Undergraduate Students: Kara Lafferty

English Department Representative to Film and Media Executive Committee

Jean Walton