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Department of English

English Department Committees: 2007-2008

Executive Committee (Chair, DGS, DUS, one member at large for Chair’s term):

Josie Campbell, DGS
Stephen Barber, co-DGS
Carolyn Betensky, co-DUS
Matt Frankel, co-DUS
John Leo, Dir. Film Media
Naomi Mandel, CCE Coordinator
Alain-Philippe Durand, Interim Chair

Nominating/Tellers Committee (2 faculty, staggered 3 year terms):

1. Stephen Barber (3rd year)
2. Carolyn Betensky (1st year)

Selections Committee (Chair and 1 faculty member at large: 3 additional elected in year when search being conducted, 1 from each rank):

Interim Chair: Alain-Philippe Durand
Assistant Professors: Martha Rojas, Travis Williams
Associate Professor: Naomi Mandel
Full Professor: Josie Campbell
At Large Professor: John Leo

Ad Hoc Student Outcome Assessments Committee:


Curriculum Committee (2 faculty, 3 rd added when curricular changes being made; no term specified):

1. Matt Frankel
2. Ryan Trimm (Fall only)
3. Gitahi Gititi
4. Stephanie Dunson
5. Martha Rojas
6. Jean Walton

Alumni Liaison Committee (3 faculty for staggered 3 year terms):

Suspended for 2007/2008

Graduate Committee (DGS plus 3 faculty for staggered 2 year term; 2 grad students for 1 year):

1. John Leo
2. Stephanie Dunson
3. Stephen Barber, co-DGS
4. Josie Campbell, DGS
5. Jennifer Jones, Supervisor of TAs
6. Bob Schwegler, Dir. College Writing
7. Graduate Student Member 1 - TBA
8. Graduate Student Member 2 - TBA

Graduate Admissions Committee (formed by Graduate Committee):

Jennifer Jones
Bob Schwegler
Stephen Barber

Ad Hoc Committee Training and Hiring of TAs:

Jennifer Jones
Naomi Mandel
Nedra Reynolds

CCE English Coordinator

Naomi Mandel

Events, Series, PR, and Webmaster Committee (3 faculty for staggered 2 year terms; 1 grad student for 1 year):

1. Read/Write Series: Peter Covino
2. PR (compiler and publisher of departmental news): Carolyn Betensky
3. Webmaster: student helper Thomas Barkman
4. Grad Student: James Gorham