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Department of English

J. Jennifer Jones

Assistant Professor of EnglishJennifer Jones
Literature TA Advisor

Ph.D. University of California, Santa Barbara
M.A. University of California, Santa Barbara
B.A. University of California, Santa Cruz

Office: 308F Swan Hall
Phone: 401-633-5363
Office Hours: TBA, Fall 2014

Jennifer's research and teaching interests include British Romanticism and 18th-century literature; aesthetics; the history of imagination; visual culture; and digital culture & new media. Her primary research project, Virtual Romanticism: Artifice and Artificiality in the Age of Wordsworth, explores the Romantic sublime (principally, but not exclusively, the sublime of William Wordsworth), embodiment (anchored in the Longinian concept of "transport" and its impact on Romantic-era sublime discourse), and technology (most specifically, the deeply influential new representation technology of the Romantic era, the panorama, and of the current moment, virtual reality). Among Jennifer's recent published work are "Absorbing Hesitation: Wordsworth and the Theory of the Panorama" in Studies in Romanticism (October 2006), which was awarded Honorable Mention by the Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies Association (INCS) in 2006 and "Sounds Romantic: The Castrato and English Poetics Around 1800" in the special issue of Romantic Circles Praxis on "Romanticism and Opera" (May 2005), which won the Keats-Shelley Association award for Best Journal Essay in the Field of 2005.

Jennifer began her appointment as an Assistant Professor of English literature at the University of Rhode Island in the Fall of 2005. She offers courses on British Romanticism at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and she teaches for the Honors Program. A few of her recent offerings:

English 374: The Gothic: 1660 - 1800 and Beyond (spring 2008)

Honors 319: Immersion and the Modern Art Work (spring 2008)

English 375: Revolution, Revolt, and British Romanticism

English 553 / Honors 312:: The Sublime: Poetics and Politics of the Aesthetic in the Long Eighteenth Century and Beyond (Spring 2007)

English 610 / English 375: European Romanticism and the Idea of Italy (Fall 2007)

In addition to courses focusing on Romantic-era literature and culture, poetics, and aesthetics, Jennifer has also taught courses on eighteenth-century satire, Victorian poetry and prose, and the post-1950s American novel during the years spent at UC Santa Barbara and CU Boulder. Some of Jennifer's future plans include courses on the history of imagination; republicanism and radicalism; Romantic landscape; Romantic love and friendship; and a synthetic authors course on Alexander Pope, William Wordsworth, and Thomas Hardy. Finally, drawing on her extensive training in contemporary culture, Jennifer will offer courses that ask students to think critically about, as well as to participate practically in, contemporary digital culture and its relations to literary history and humanist thought.