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Department of English

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Teaching Assistants' Contact Information

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Students are encouraged to email their instructor to arrange an appointment if office hours conflict with their schedule.

Swan Hall
Office #
Office Hours
E-mail Address
Balliro, Matthew 208D

TTH 11-12
Brecke, Anna 175E by appointment
Chang, Xinqiang 208E M 1-3
Engley, Ryan 208C W 11-12
Farnworth, Barbara 175E by appointment
Foley, Amy 208C TTH 1-2
Guitar, Jennifer 208D MW 11-1
Hall, Molly 175E M 1:30-3:30
Hidir, Serap 308 M 10-11am
Kell, Charles 208F by appointment
Kruse, Sarah 208H by appointment
Leary, Rachael 208D by appointment
Leonardo, Beth 175E by appointment
Nelmark, Elyse 208C W 1-3 and by appt.
Platz, Jenny 208F M 12-1:30 T 8-10 and by appt.
Shrontz, Jason 208E by appointment
Watts, Kara
by appointment
Wickham, Kimberly
by appointment