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Graduate Studies

Ph.D. Program Chronology - Specialization in Literature

Completion of 72 credits is required for the Ph.D. degree. Of these, 30 credits accrue from the M.A. degree. Coursework requirement is 24 credits. The dissertation (ENG699) counts for 18 credits--plan to take these in the third and fourth years. Aim to complete the Ph.D. in four to five years. The Graduate School allows 7 years to complete the program. A petition for a time extension requires: explanation of extenuating circumstances that delayed progress, a reasonable time-table for completion of degree, and approval of Major Professor and Director of Graduate Studies.

This is the typical progression through the program:


  1. Take required courses
    1. ENG 510/511 Introduction to Professional Study
    2. ENG 514 Studies in Critical Theories
  2. Plan your specialization and begin to take courses in that area.
  3. Choose a Major Professor in your specialization who will become your mentor. As soon as is feasible, submit a Program of Study Form to the Graduate Studies office.
  4. Plan to develop seminar papers into conference papers and/or publications.
  5. Become familiar with the Comprehensive Examination Process and start reading works in your area and related areas.

    Refer to the Administrative Guidelines and Forms for more information about what to file and when.

Second Year

  1. Complete course work under the direction of your Major Professor
  2. Form your Doctoral Committee with your Major Professor, and schedule your Written and Oral Comprehensive Examinations for early in your third year.
  3. In consultation with your Major Professor and Doctoral Committee, create reading lists for your Written Comprehensive Examinations.
  4. Begin to plan a dissertation discussing topic possibilities with your Major Professor.

    Refer to the Administrative Guidelines and Forms for more information about what to file and when.

  Third Year: Dissertation research credits, Comprehensive Examination

  1. Note: you must complete your Comprehensive Exams within one year of completing your coursework.
  2. At the completion of course work and prior to taking Comprehensive Exams, submit a final Program of Study Form signed by the Doctoral Committee.
  3. Form your Doctoral Written Comprehensive Exam Committee with your Major Professor. Complete the Written Comprehensive Examinations and Oral Comprehensive Examination (the Oral Comprehensive Examination must be taken within four weeks of the Written).
  4. Write and present the Dissertation Proposal for committee approval.
  5. Once coursework is completed, you must remain enrolled by taking 1 credit of ENG 699 each semester.
  6. Attend job search workshops and begin to develop materials for the job market.

    Refer to the Administrative Guidelines and Forms for more information about what to file and when.

  Fourth/Fifth Year

  1. Complete and defend your dissertation.
  2. Complete the Nomination for Graduation Form.
  3. Check your Program of Study. Any further changes are noted by filing a Petition for Changes in Graduate Program.
  4. Carefully observe all dissertation related deadlines set by the Graduate School.

    Refer to the Administrative Guidelines and Forms for more information about what to file and when.


  1. You may take 2 graduate courses in another program at URI to count toward your English Ph.D. with approval from your Major Professor and Director of Graduate Studies.
  2. Students who wish to pursue an independent study (ENG 690 or ENG 691) under the guidance of a faculty member should submit a formal request to the Director of Graduate Studies, indicating reasons for pursuing an independent study, a description of the project, how the study will be conducted (i.e., weekly meetings, biweekly meetings, etc), and space for signature by the student, professor, and DGS. This request must be approved by the DGS prior to enrolling in ENG 690/691.
  3. You must be registered for the semester in which you take Comprehensive Exams or defend your Dissertation.
  4. TAs must register for a minimum of 6 credits per semester.
  5. The Director of Graduate Studies signs all forms before they are sent to the Graduate School.