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Department of English

Prizes & Scholarships - 2010 Winners

2010 University of Rhode Island
Academic Excellence Awards

James Deignan (left) and Laura Gibb (right) with Department Chair Stephen Barber

2010 Department of English Excellence Awards

Back row: Alexander Nash, Thomas Barkman, Stephen Barber, Amelia Green. Front row: Sarah Payne, Laura Tetreault, Tatiana Uhoch, Amy Sullo. Not present: John Holmes, Samuel Levine.

2010 English Writing Contest Award Recipients

Back row: Rebekah Greene, Sara Murphy, Erin Vachon, Stephen Barber, Cathryn Molloy, Eric Henry Emma, Donald Rodrigues, Beasley Kanost. Front row: Steven Brown, Laura Tetreault, Mary Vanatta, Shayne O'Sullivan, Briana Cihi, Gillian Ramos, Maurice R. Beaulieu III. Not pictured: Julia Ramsey


The Nancy Potter Short Story Contest

Undergraduate Division
First Place: Gillian Ramos - "Pater Noster"
Second Place: Maurice R. Beaulieu III - "Just After Noon"
Third Place: Eric Henry Emma - "Dreaming of Utopia"

The Nancy Potter Poets Contest

(While one poem is highlighted,
all awards in this category were given for a group of poems.)

Undergraduate Division
First Place: Shayne O'Sullivan - "It is rather"
Second Place: Julia Ramsey - "Imposters"
Third Place: Laura Tetreault - "West Warwick"

Graduate Division
First Place: Steven Brown - "Penumbra"
Second Place: Sara Murphy - "Snapshots Printed on Hotel Stationery: Third Exposure"

Creative Non-Fiction Contest

Undergraduate Division
First Place: Briana Cihi - "Scratches, Scars, and Cigarette Burns" and Shayne O'Sullivan - "Terms"
Second Place: Julia Ramsey - "My Katrina"
Third Place: Laura Tetreault - "Inheritance"

Graduate Division
First Place: Cathryn Molloy - "Walking Over the Compost Pile"
Second Place: Erin Vachon - "Four Medical Rooms"

Critical Essay Contest

Undergraduate Division
First Place: Eric Henry Emma - "The Good King of 'Sir Orfeo'"
Second Place: Mary Vanatta - "Wes Anderson, Slow-Motion Master!"

Graduate Division
First Place: Beazley Kanost - "How Cool was Falstaff?"
Second Place: Rebekah Greene - "'[A]s supple as an eel': Virginia Woolf's Concept of Philosophic Time"
Third Place: Donald Rodrigues - "The Phoenix and Turtle: Shakespeare's Fuzzy Apocalypse"


The Department of English would like to congratulate the 2010 scholarship recipients for their academic achievement:

Zachery Cooper, Carrie Crockett, Krista D'Amico, Elise Glidden, Olga Goretoy, Joelle Harrington, Danielle Henderson, Samuel Levine, Patrick Padilla,
Heather Stockheader, Amy Sullo.

Pictured: Krista D'Amico, recipient of the Dana Shugar scholarship, and Department Chair Stephen Barber.