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Department of English

Prizes & Scholarships - 2011 Winners

2011 English Department Award for Excellence

Recepient Jason Boulanger and Dr. Ryan Trimm, Chair

University Academic Excellence in English Awards

Joy Brennan and Krista D'Amico

English Excellence in Teaching Awards

Benjamin Hagen, Mihaela Harper, Dr. Ryan Trimm, Kim Evelyn and Dr. Valerie Karno

2011 English Writing Contest Award Recipients

Front row: Melissa Tullo, Emma Sconyers, Jessica Martin, Brigid Flynn,
Jessica Watson, Elora Sullivan
Back row: Jacob Nelson, John Holmes, Samuel Levine, Christopher Menihan,
Jordan Pailthorpe


The Nancy Potter Short Story Contest

Undergraduate Division
First Place: Samuel Levine - "Glancing City"
Second Place: John Holmes - "The Supermarket"
Third Place: Melissa Tullo - "Tick Tock"

The Nancy Potter Poets Contest

(While one poem is highlighted,
all awards in this category were given for a group of poems.)

Undergraduate Division
First Place: Samuel Levine - "The Family Business"
Second Place: Jordan Pailthorpe - "Defined by an Urban Dictionary"
Third Place: Krista D'Amico - "re: vision: each bend shifts the prism"

Graduate Division
First Place: Jacob Nelson - "Hurricane Brandy"

Creative Non-Fiction Contest

Undergraduate Division
First Place: Emma Sconyers - "Calluses"
Second Place: Jessica Martin - "Black Girl"
Third Place: Jessica Watson - "The Brown Bear Song"

Graduate Division
First Place: Sarah Kruse - "Notes in Minute Particulars"

Critical Essay Contest

Undergraduate Division
First Place: Samuel Levine - "'Father to my Story': Silence, Repression,
and the Metafictional Aesthetics of Coetzee and Calvino"
Second Place: Elora Sullivan - "Cross-dressing's Ability to Alter Identity:
The Performance of Gender in Twelfth Night
Third Place: Marisa O'Gara - "Princes of Hell or Prisoners of Hell?
A Close Reading of Beelzebub's Argument in Book II"
Graduate Division
First Place: Mihaela Harper - "Breaking Up, Down, and Out with
Georgi Gospodinov's Natural Novel
Second Place: Brigid Flynn - "Britches, Bitches and Witches:
Identity of the Female Subject in Not So Quiet...
Third Place: Gabriel E. Romaguera - "Avoiding the Straight and Narrow:
Learning through Exploration in The Diamond Age"

The Rumowicz Maritime Essay Contest

First Place: Samuel Levine - "Amphibiography"
Second Place: Sheana Livingstone - "Marginal Madness"
Third Place: Jessica Watson - "Fenced in by Earth"


2011 Scholarship Recipients

Helen Manning, Zachary Cooper, Dr. Ryan Trimm,
Christopher Menihan, Khori Lopes and Sarah Fitzpatrick

The Department of English would like to congratulate the 2011 scholarship recipients for their academic achievement:

Zachary Cooper, Sarah Fitzpatrick, Khori Lopes, Helen Manning, and Christopher Menihan.

Pictured: Krista D'Amico, recipient of the Dana Shugar scholarship, and Department Chair Stephen Barber.