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Department of English

Prizes & Scholarships - 2013 Winners

2013 English Department Award for Excellence

Thomas Ash, June Coelho, Raymond Beltran and Alycia Metz

Dr. Ryan Trimm, Chair, and recipient Thomas Ash

University Academic Excellence in English Awards

Sarah Fitzpatrick and Catherine Noelle Johnson

English Excellence in Teaching Awards

Director of Graduate Studies Professor Kathleen Davis, Kim Evelyn and Michael Becker

2013 English Writing Contest Award Recipients


The Nancy Potter Short Story Contest

Graduate Division
First Place: Melody Friedenthal - "Origami"

Creative Non-Fiction Contest

Undergraduate Division
First Place: Mary Vidal - "Eileen"
Second Place: Samantha Baffoni - "Fraternal Family"
Third Place: Danielle Donovan - "Bunny in the Bale"

Graduate Division
First Place: Sarah E. Kruse - "On Reading Being and Time: A Notebook"

Critical Essay Contest

Undergraduate Division
First Place: Conor Simao - "Does Clothing Make the Man? Identity Materialism
through Shirts in Fitzgerald’s "The Great Gatsby""
Second Place: Kevin Rinaldi-Young - "Gesture: A Sentimental Language"
Third Place: Samuel Simas - "Lovehood: The New Knighthood"

Graduate Division
First Place: Sarah E. Kruse - "Paul Celan’s Unspeaking and Wittgenstein’s Ethics of Silence"
Second Place: Michele Meek - ""Solitary Habits": Female Corporeal Desires, Public Anxieties
and Self-Surveillance in Anti-Masturbation Texts and Dorothy Richardson’s Pilgrimage"
Third Place: Sara Murphy - "Toward an Equitable Psychosocial Understanding of Suicide
in American Literature and Life

The Rumowicz Maritime Essay Contest

Two First Prize Winners: Mary Vidal, "Buzzard's Bay" and Sofia Alvosius, "The Whiteness of the Whale"

Professor Martha Rojas congratulates winner Mary Vidal


Back Row: Michael Becker and Ryan S. Trimm, Department Chair. Front Row: Michele Meek, Sarah Kruse, Kim Evelyn, Sara Murphy and Anna Brecke



2013 Scholarship Recipients

The Department of English would like to congratulate the 2013 scholarship recipients for their academic achievement:

Devlin Healey, Sam Simas, Kristen Vegh, Kevin Rinaldi-Young, Brianna Dodd, Alyssa Mason, Leah Eccleston, Kelley Carpenter, Andrew Barbero