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Department of English

News and Events

Publicity Announcements:
October 2005


Community Outreach

Assistant Professor Valerie Karno, State Coordinator of the Changing Lives Through Literature Program, is pleased to report that another successful class ran over the summer, and student graduation is being held in October. The Changing Lives Through Literature Program is an alternative sentencing program, whereby, through a joint agreement between 3 universities in Rhode Island and the Rhode Island District Court, participants take classes with University professors instead of receiving a variety of sentences. Valerie Karno co-taught the class this summer with Professor Terri Hasseler of Bryant University.


Invitations and Presentations/International

Assistant Professor Jennifer Jones attended the annual NASSR (North American Society for the Study of Romanticism) conference in Montreal, Canada, August 12-17, the theme of which was "Deviance and Defiance." She gave a paper entitled “Transporting Rebellions: Longinus and the Practice of the Wordsworthian Sublime."

Assistant Professor Martha Rojas was invited to present a pre-circulated paper entitled, "Diplomatic Exchanges: Gifts, Bribes and Tribute," at "The Old World and the New: Exchanges Between America and Europe in the Age of Jefferson," an international conference at the Salzburg Seminar in Austria jointly sponsored by the Robert H. Smith International Center for Jefferson Studies at Monticello and the Thomas Jefferson Foundation this October. A selection of the papers will be published by the University of Virginia Press

Professor John Leo not only presented a paper on Marlon Riggs's filmmaking in the context of the Black Arts movement and the aesthetics of blaxploitation films and those of the early Spike Lee at the Polish Association for American Studies Conference in Opole (October). He also conducted a seminar on the visual antecedents to "the Western" (photography, engravings, magazine and newspaper illustrations, dime novels, etc.) in popular literature and early film. This was at the Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin. John has also been invited to give a paper on Marlon Riggs and African American filmmaking at the biannual meeting of the European Association for American Studies (EAAS), which will be held in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Professor Josie Campbell, Director of Graduate Studies made two presentations at the Polish Association for American Studies Conference in Opole: "'Featherbedding,' Money, and Politics in Zora Neale Hurston's Seraph on the Suwanee," and "'The Ties That Bind' in Canadian and American Literature."


Awards and Honors

Professor Mary Cappello’s essay, “Conjuring,” which appeared in Quarterly West in 2004, was cited as a Notable Essay of the Year in Best American Essays 2005, edited by Susan Orlean with Series Editor Robert Atwan.

English Alum, Michael Keith has received top kudos in the field of Media Education by having been selected for the prestigious Stanton Fellow Award, which was created by the International Radio & Television Society Foundation to acknowledge the heroes of academia by publicly applauding their important contributions to electronic media education. Keith’s newest book in the field, just published, is entitled The Quieted Voice: Rise and Demise of Localism in American Radio, Southern Illinois University Press, and he reports that he has “two more in the queue--one from University of North Carolina Press (2006).”


Publications: Creative Writing

Graduate Student Cathryn Molloy’s poem, “The Squatters,” will be published in the next issue of the Julie Mango Journal for Creative Expression (an online journal).

Professor Mary Cappello’s prose poems, “No Strings Attached,” “In the Province of Actuality,” “Black Panther,” and “Red Cycle” currently appear alongside Paola Ferrario’s photographs in an exhibit (through January 8, 2006), “Hand and Eye: 15 Years of the Dorothea-Lange Taylor Prize,” at Duke University’s Center for Documentary Studies, as well as in the journal, Document, under the heading, “Pane Amaro/Bitter Bread: Italy’s New Immigrants: Diptychs and Prose Inventions About the Difficulties of Dislocation and Finding a New Home,” Summer/Fall 2005, 48-57.

Graduate Student William Pett’s story "The Old Family Djinn" has appeared in CrossTIME Science Fiction Anthology, vol. IV. 2005. Pett won 4th Prize in the 4th Annual CrossTIME Science Fiction Contest for this story, composed in one of Professor Dan Pearlman’s Writing Seminars.

Instructor Kathryn Kulpa has a new flash fiction piece, "Under the Skin," published in the newest issue of Periphery (No. 3), a magical realist zine--info can be found at:


Creative Writing: Readings

Instructor Kathryn Kulpa will be giving a reading from her work this semester on Sunday, Dec. 4, 1 PM, at Barrington Books, 184 County Rd, Barrington, RI. She will be Reading/Book Signing with Marie Myung-Ok Lee, author of Somebody's Daughter. Info: 401-245-7925 This is one of a number of readings throughout the New England area that Kathryn is giving or has given this semester.

Instructor Robert Leuci is giving a reading at AnnaMariaCollege in Worcester, Mass, on the 1st of November and a reading at the JohnJayCollege of Criminal Justice Master's program in NYC on the 13th of December.


Publications: Editorial/British Romanticism

Over the summer, Assistant Professor Jennifer Jones performed editorial work on the poem Endymion for the Norton Critical Edition of John Keats (forthcoming 2006), Jeffrey N. Cox, general editor.


Presentations: British Romanticism

Graduate Student Gretchen Cohenour proudly delivered a paper entitled, “Domesticating the Gothic: The Body and Northanger Abbey" at the ICR Conference (International Conference on Romanticism) on October 15, 2005 in Colorado Springs. The paper was highly praised by many of the executive members of ICR (Gretchen actually had 33 audience members), and Gretchen has an invite to submit for a special panel on women and the body politic at next year's conference in Tempe, AZ.


Publications: Encyclopedia Articles

Graduate Student William Pett has two entries in The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and Fantasy: Themes, Works and Wonders, 2005: “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court," and "Dinosaurs."


Publications: Reviews

Graduate Student Samaa Gamie’s review of the Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism has been accepted for publication and will appear in Modern Language Studies.


Presentations: Popular Culture, and Children’s Literature

Graduate Student William Pett presented a paper entitled, "Dead Babies: Two American Gothics," on the X-Files and Literature Panel, Northeast Modern Language Association, April, 2005, and "Exposing the Class System through Magic," Children's/Young Adult Literature Division, International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts, March, 2005.