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The Newsletter of
The Council for the Literature of the Fantastic

Volume 1, Number 1 (Fall 1995)
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NSFA, Our U.K. Partner

by Chris Reed
Copyright © 1995, Chris Reed

In the words of Chris Reed, discriminating editor of the speculative magazine BBR (Back Brain Recluse): see note in UK Market Sources , p. 14), NSFA, the New SF Alliance, "is a publishers' cooperative set up in 1989 to make independent SF/F/H [science fiction/fantasy/horror] publications more readily available to as wide a readership as possible. By operating a mail-order service from a central address, the NSFA enables readers to sample a wide range of UK magazines quickly and efficiently from a single address (this is of particular benefit to writers and artists wishing to research potential markets).

"The Alliance also provides its member magazines and associated publications with a unified umbrella for marketing, advertising, and representation at conventions, for example. One aspect of the NSFA's service means that readers in the UK and USA can obtain many overseas publications without having to send currency abroad. The Alliance is now the official UK subscription agent for a number of magazines from the US, Australia, and elsewhere."

Because of ease of direct mail-order access to publishers within the home market, "my current efforts go into actually stocking non-UK publications, but only showing readers where to find domestic publications (...whether the magazines are members of the NSFA or not)."

Chris proposes

"strong links between the CLF coordinator and the NSFA coordinator (currently me)... I would be willing to act as your UK sales representative and supply UK readers with CLF magazines that I would order centrally from the CLF mail-order outlet. Similarlv, I could also act as a central UK contact to supply UK magazines to US readers via the CLF operation."

For more information about BBR and NSFA, contact Chris Reed, BBR Magazine, P.O. Box 625, Sheff'eld S 1 3GY, UK; or email: c.s.reed@shefffield.ac.uk . With this first issue of our Newsletter, CLF proposes the promotional concept of "trial packs," sample bundles of selected LF magazines or books (mostly small-press items) offered to readers, including the hundreds of independent bookstore managers on our mailing list, at close to half the total cover price. Our first trial-pack [ED NOTE: The CLF Trial Packs are no longer available.] offer does not include UK items because of technical problems only, but we are well aware of the excellent quality of British magazines such as BBR and Dreams from the Strangers' Cafe ( reviewed herein ), and such publications should appear in our future trial-pack offerings. Our first trial-pack is announced on [page 3]. [ED NOTE: The CLF Trial Packs are no longer available.]

The Council for the Literature of the Fantastic is based at the Department of English of the University of Rhode Island. We thank the University and the Department for their support.

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