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The Newsletter of
The Council for the Literature of the Fantastic

Volume 1, Number 2 (Winter 1996)
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(Print Version ISSN: 1084-8266)
This issue was was funded by the University of Rhode Island and the Rhode Island State Council for the Arts.

Table of Contents

CLF Newsletter Staffi
for Volume 1, Number 2

Fiction: (an online bonus!)



Kathy Moffitt will be taking over the day-to-day administration of all matters pertaining to reviews. Meanwhile, continue to address review materials--two copies of each item, please!--to Daniel Pearlman, marked "for CLF Review." Please provide us with detailed fiction-submissions guidelines as well, for inclusion in forthcoming Newsletters and/or full posting on our Web site. (Items received but not yet reviewed are now listed--in a separate section--in this Newsletter.)



Market News

Publications Received

Notes on Contributors

The Council for the Literature of the Fantastic is based at the Department of English of the University of Rhode Island. We thank the University and the Department for their support.

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