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English 375 — Revolution, Revolt, and British Romanticism (1770-1830)

J. Jennifer Jones

Student Writing

September 7 Lecture Notes : Historical Timeline

Essay 1: Please take the time to view two exemplary essays to come out of Assignment 1. The writers of these essays participated fully in the writing process. They submitted their initial essays on September 12, received comments back, revised the essay, and resubmitted on October 19. Both essays attain excellence in every respect: grammar and syntax; MLA format; and argumentation (thesis articulation; claims, evidence, and close reading; and logical progression). Both essays earned a grade of solid A. Congratulations to both writers.

Exemplary Essay A

Exemplary Essay B


























Office & Office Hours

Independence 175B
T 1-2pm and by appointment

Course Location & Time

Independence 203
T-TH 2-3:15pm

Required Texts

The Longman Anthology of British Literature. Volume 2A: The Romantics and Their Contemporaries. 3rd Edition (2006)

 Britain and the French Revolution. By Clive Emsley. Longman (2000)

Memoirs of Emma Courtney and Adeline Mowbray; or, The Mother and Daughter. [Amelia Opie] College Publishing (2004)

A Writer's Reference. By Diana Hacker. 5th Edition (2002)

What Every Student Should Know about Citing Sources with MLA Documentation. By Michael Greer. Pearson Longman (2007)

What Every Student Should Know about Plagiarism. By Linda Stern. Pearson Longman (2007)

Course Packet. Available at ICopy

Course Requirements

Participation (20%)
Paper #1 (15%)
Paper #2 (15%)
Paper #3 (15%)
Paper #4 (20%)
Final Exam (15%)