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Dr. Timothy S. George

Professor and Department Chair

A.M., 1993, Ph.D., 1996, Harvard University
M.A., 1984, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa
A.B., 1977, Stanford University

Research Interests:

Postwar Japanese history
Citizen-corporation-state relations in Japan from Meiji through Shōwa
Local history and environmental history

Courses Taught:

  • HIS 171 - East Asian Culture and History
  • HIS 172 - Southeast Asian Culture and History
  • HIS 374 - History of Modern China
  • HIS 375 - History of Modern Japan
  • HIS 391 - Directed Study or Research
  • HIS 481-495 - The Asia-Pacific War: History, Media, and Memory in Japan and the United States
  • HIS 508 - Social History of Postwar Japan
  • HIS 508 - East Asian Environmental History
  • HIS 588 - Special Readings in Asian History
  • HIS 591 - Directed Study or Research



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Contact Information:

Department of History
University of Rhode Island

80 Upper College Road
113 Washburn Hall
Kingston, RI 02881
Office: 217D Washburn
Phone: 401.874.4091

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