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111 - History of Ancient Greece and Rome - From the Greek and Latin settlements to the Germanic invasions with emphasis on political, social, economic, and aesthetic developments. Includes rise of the Christian church.

112 - History of Medieval Europe - Primarily western Europe. Continuation of 111. Medieval church, feudalism, revival of town life, commerce, industry, and money economy, rise of national states, and development in the arts.

113 - History of Western Civilization from the Late Middle Ages to 1789 - Introductory course treating Western civilization in its broadest sense from the late Middle Ages to the French Revolution and the beginnings of industrialization.

114 - History of Western Civilization Since 1789 - Continuation of 113. Western civilization of the present time.

116 - History of Western Science - Development of western science from ancient Greece and Rome until the present. Topics include relations of science and religion, emergence of science-based industry, and interaction between science and politics (especially during war).

117 - History of Medicine - Focus on the U. S. in the 19th and 20th centuries. Professionalization of medicine, status of healers in different cultures, creation of scientific medicine, alternative medical practice, effect of changing disease patterns on medical theory/practice.

118 - Women in European History - Attitudes toward women, their role in society, women's work, and the feminist movement. Emphasis on nineteenth and twentieth centuries with background material from earlier periods.

123 - Modern British Civilization - An introduction to British culture in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Surveys of the impact of the Industrial Revolution, political developments, and social change; also Britain's role in the world, Ireland, and the world wars.

130 - History and the Sea - The history of seafaring from ancient times to the twentieth century. The course considers the political, military, economic, and social history of the maritime world.

132 - Introduction to Russian and Soviet History - Selected topics in the development of Russian civilization since the ninth century.

141 - History of the United States to 1877 - Colonial and Revolutionary periods, and economic, social, and political development of the United States through the Civil War and Reconstruction.

142 - History of the United States Since 1877 - General social, economic, and political development from 1877 to the present.

145 - Women in the North American Colonies and the United States, 1500-1890 - Legacies of Native American, Hispanic, and Anglo-American culture; slavery and abolition; women's work and sexuality; women's rights movements; ethnic and regional diversity, with emphasis on women in the West, the South, and the Northeast.

146 - Women in the United States, 1890-Present - Impact of immigration and industrialization; legacy of slavery and segregation; changes in sexuality, reproduction, and work; images of women in popular culture; women's political movements.

150 - Introduction to Afro-American History - Survey of Afro-American history from African origins to the current racial confrontation. Cross-listed as AAF 150.

160 - Technology and American Life, 1800-Present - Surveys the development and social impact of technology on American life during the past two centuries.

171 - East Asian Culture and History - Introduction to the culture and history of East Asia. Emphasis on the literary, artistic, and philosophical traditions of East Asia, especially those aspects which relate to and influence contemporary developments.

172 - Southeast Asian Culture and History - Broad overview of the culture and history of Southeast Asia. Emphasis on society, culture, and religion and their influence on contemporary developments.

177 - The Islamic Middle East: From the Mongols to Modern Times - History of the Islamic Middle East from the Mongol invasions of the thirteenth century to the present. Includes the Ottoman Empire, the impact of European colonialism, the rise of nationalism, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and the Iranian revolution.

180 - Introduction to Latin American Civilization - Social, cultural, and political history of the Latin American region from the pre conquest era to the present time.

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300 - Ancient Greece, 800-300 B. C. - Social, economic, political and intellectual development of Greece from the Archaic to Hellenistic period.

303 - From Republic to Empire: Ancient Rome - Social, economic, political, and intellectual history of Ancient Rome, covering the foundation of the city, the Roman Republic and Empire, and the spread of Christianity. From about 750 B.C. to about 300 A.D.

304 - Western Europe in the High Middle Ages - Primarily France and England in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. Emphasis on the Medieval Gothic-Catholic culture, the rise of towns, and the development of a money economy.

305 - The Renaissance - Europe in transition during the fourteenth through the early sixteenth centuries. The economic, social, and religious backgrounds of the Renaissance. Emphasis on culture and artistic developments.

306 - The Protestant and Catholic Reformation - Changes in European society resulting from the Protestant Reformation and Catholic Counter Reformation, including the rise of secular states and the effects of religion's crisis on culture and society.

308 - Between Eve and Mary: Women in the Middle Ages - History of women in western Europe from about 500 A.D. to about 1500 A.D. Understanding the variety of medieval women's experiences (rich or poor, secular or religious, urban or rural) and how women were perceived by their society.

309 - The French Revolution and Napoleon - Examination of the Revolution and Napoleonic eras with emphasis on the connections among economic, social, and political developments. Special attention to problems in interpretation.

310 - History of Europe: 1815-1914 - Major political, economic, and intellectual developments in Europe from the defeat of Napoleon I to the outbreak of World War I; emphasis on the Revolutions of 1848, unification of Italy and Germany, impact of the Industrial Revolution, nationalism and imperialism, background of World War I.

311 - History of Europe Since 1914 - Detailed study of developments from 1914 to present: wars, postwar adjustments, communist and fascist ideologies, history of individual states, and social and intellectual trends.

314 - Seventeenth-and Eighteenth-Century European Cultural History - Intellectual and social movements of the Age of Reason and the Age of Enlightenment.

323 - History of England: 1815-1896 - Impact of industrialization and urbanization on political, economic, religious, and cultural forces in the Victorian age.

327 - German History Since 1914 - Topics in German social and political history from the First World War to the present. Emphasis on the history of National Socialism.

328 - The Holocaust - Study of Nazi efforts to exterminate Jews and others in Europe. Focuses on Nazi programs and policies; Jewish experiences; and the responses of the outside world.

332 - History of Imperial Russia - Russian society, politics, and world view from the modernizing reforms of Peter the Great to the installation of parliamentary government in 1905. Emphasis on student writing, analysis of documents, trends, interconnections.

333 - Twentieth Century Russia - From Imperial Russia's progress toward modernization to society, economy, and politics in the 1990s. The Soviet experiment is studied from domestic and international angles. Close attention is given to the Stalin Revolution, Cold War, and attempts to revitalize the one-party state.

335 - American Colonial History to 1763 - American history from the founding of the colonies to the end of the French and Indian War, including developments within the colonies as well as their relationship with England.

336 - The American Revolution and Confederation: 1763-1789 - Social, political, and economic aspects of the revolution and Confederation periods.

337 - Creation of the Union: America from 1789-1848 - The development of the new nation through the Jacksonian years, with emphasis on the transformation of society and politics.

339 - Emergence of Industrial America: 1877-1917 - Growth and consolidation of business, urbanization, and the Populist and Progressive movements. America's emergence as a world power.

340 - United States History from 1917 to 1945 - Social, political, and economic developments between the World Wars. Emphasis on domestic affairs; special attention to the involvement of the United States in World War II.

341 - United States History Since 1945 - Social, political, and economic developments since the end of World War II. Equal emphasis upon the domestic sphere and the role of the United States in the world.

344 - History of the North American Indian - Native North Americans from pre-Columbian times to present. Emphasis on ideological conflict between Indians and whites.

346 - Immigration, Ethnicity and Race in America - History of immigration to the US from the colonial period to the present, with emphasis on the 19th and 20th centuries. Compares different waves, explores shifting attitudes toward immigrants, and discusses how race and ethnicity shaped immigrants' experiences.

349 - History of American Labor - Changes in work, lifestyle, and political consciousness of American workers in nineteenth and twentieth centuries; conflicts between labor and capital, and relationship to emergence of labor movements.

351 - Historical Perspectives on Women and Health - Examines the history of women healers, nurses, and physicians. Topics in women's healthcare, especially concerning reproduction and childbirth, will also be addressed.

352 - Topics in the History of Women and Gender - Themes in women's history, sexual identities, and the construction of gendered roles. Primarily deals with the United States since 1800.

353 - United States Diplomatic History to 1914 - Analysis of the people, ideas and institutions which shaped the rise of the United States from thirteen colonies to the most powerful nation in the world.

354 - United States Diplomacy in the Twentieth Century - Analysis of people, ideas, and institutions which have shaped American relations with the rest of the world from World War I to the present.

355 - Black Women in the U.S.: Colonial Times to the Present - Women's experiences in the study of African-American history. Assigned readings familiarize students with the state of scholarship and examine the intersection of race, class, and gender in that experience. Cross-listed as AAF 355.

356 - Black Urban History: Late 19th and 20th Centuries - Examines the historical black experience in urban environments in the U.S. Assigned readings, research, and group discussions examine the issues of migration, community, politics, class, and gender. Cross-listed as AAF 356.

357 - History of Religion in the United States - Diversity of religious traditions in the U.S., especially in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Emphasis on political, cultural, and ethnic/racial dimensions of religion.

358 - Recent America in Film - An investigation of American culture and history since 1930 using films as the major resource for study, with emphasis on the Great Depression, World War II, sexual interaction, and race relations.

359 - History of Slavery in America - Origins, development, and demise of slavery, with emphasis on the area that currently constitutes the United States. Cross-listed as AAF 359.

360 - American Culture 1865-1940 - Explores the nature and sources of American culture with emphasis on the diversity of its origins and forms of expression.

361 (or WMS 361) - Women's Lives in New England, 1790-1930 - Social, political and literary history of women in New England with an emphasis on women's work and how that work shaped gender relations. Theoretical approaches from women's studies, race and gender studies will inform the treatment of women's history and the history of material culture in New England.

362 - History of Rhode Island - History of Rhode Island from the first English settlement to the present day. Social, political, and economic aspects of internal development and the relation of the state to the region and the nation.

365 - Civil War and Reconstruction - American history during the period 1850-1877, giving equal emphasis to the background of the Civil War, the war itself, and the social, political, and economic aspects of Reconstruction.

366 (or AAF 366) - Twentieth Century Black Politics and Protest - Explores the development and evolution of black politics and protest in the twentieth century including the Civil Rights and Black Power Movements and their legacies.

374 - History of Modern China - Political, social, economic, and cultural development of China since 1800 with emphasis on the development of Chinese nationalism and on the rise, theory, and practice of Chinese communism.

375 - History of Modern Japan - Background and significance of the Meiji restoration (1868) and modernization; the development of Japanese militarism, the fall of the Japanese Empire, and the emergence of the "New Japan."

376 - Women in Muslim Societies - Examines gender relations in the modern Middle East through novels, poetry, and oral histories, as well as through historical and anthropological studies.

377 - Revolution in Islam - Examines the history of revolutionary ideology in Islamic thought and places modern revolutions--such as the Iranian revolution of 1978--within a broader context of both Sunni and Shi'i radical activism.

378 - Arab-Israeli Conflict - An examination of the roots of Arab nationalism and modern political Zionism; conflict between the World Wars; the creation of the state of Israel and the causes of continuing conflict since its creation.

381 - History of Colonial Latin America - The interaction of American-Indian civilization with European and African elements in the Spanish and Portuguese empires of the New World, concluding with the wars for independence.

382 - History of Modern Latin America - Historical analysis of the political, cultural, and social-economic dimensions of tradition, reform, and revolution in Latin America since 1810.

384 - The Caribbean: New World/Third World - Historical and contemporary development of the Caribbean world, emphasizing efforts by the regions' peoples to achieve political, economic, and cultural independence from external domination.

385 - Revolution and Unrest in Central America and the Caribbean - Historical origins of social unrest in Central America and the Spanish-speaking Caribbean. Cuban and Nicaraguan revolutions, civil conflict in Guatemala and El Salvador, U.S. policy.

388 - History of Sub-Saharan Africa - Ancient and medieval Africa, and the impact of Islam; the "Glorious Age" of the Sudanic empires; the slave trade and the age of exploration; the period of European partition and the rise of African nationalism. Cross-listed as AAF 388.

389 - Exploration, Commerce and Conflict in the Atlantic World, 1415-1815 - The Atlantic world from the fifteenth to early nineteenth century. Voyages of exploration, cultural contact, Atlantic economy, piracy, smuggling, fishing, naval warfare, imperialism, migration, and life at-sea in the Age of Sail.

390 - The Atlantic World in the Age of Iron, Steam, and Steel - The Atlantic world in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Maritime technology, seaborne commerce, naval warfare, imperialism, migration, whaling, the slave trade, piracy, and life at-sea.

391 - Directed Study or Research - Special work arranged to meet the needs of individual students who desire advanced work. (Independent Study)

393 - Topics in History - Subject, course content, and years offered will vary according to expertise and availability of instructors.

396 - Maritime History and Underwater Archaeology Field School - Usually, but not exclusively taught in Bermuda. Students may select an archaeological diving option, an archaeological non-diving option, or an archival research option.

397 - The Historical Landscape of Britain - Taught in England. Examines the impact of political, military, religious, economic, and social change in the past six or seven centuries on the landscape of village and field and town and country.

398 - History Through Science Fiction - Ideas about history in popular culture as seen in the literary genre of science fiction.

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401 - Advanced Topics in European History - Subject and course content will vary from semester to semester. Student work will emphasize historiographical analysis and the use of specialized research materials.

441 - Advanced Topics in American History - Subject and course content will vary from semester to semester. Student work will emphasize historiographical analysis and the use of specialized research materials.

481 - Advanced Topics in Asian or Latin American History - Subject and course content will vary from semester to semester. Student work will emphasize historiographical analysis and the use of specialized research materials.

490 (or APG 490) - Underwater Historical Archaeology - Methodological and theoretical foundations of underwater historical archaeology. Examines the contribution of shipwrecks and other inundated sites to our understanding of the global nature of modern life.

495 - Seminar in History - Development of skills in historical research and writing and in the critical analysis of historical works. Topics vary. (Seminar)

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502, 503 - Special Readings in European History - Intensive tutorial work, research, and readings in European history. (Independent Study)

506 - Seminar in European History - Selected topics in European history, with intensive reading of important secondary and/or primary sources; critical written analysis of historical method, research, and modes of interpretation.

507 - Seminar in United States History - Selected topics in United States history, with intensive reading of important secondary and/or primary sources; critical written analysis of historical method, research, and modes of interpretation.

508 - Seminar in Asian or Latin American History - Selected topics in Asian or Latin American history, with intensive reading of important secondary and/or primary sources; critical written analysis of historical method, research, and modes of interpretation. (Seminar)

536, 537 - Special Readings in American History - Intensive tutorial work, research, and readings in American history. (Independent Study)

544 - Colloquium in Worker History - See Labor Relations and Human Resources (LRS) 544.

588, 589 - Special Readings in Asian or Latin American History - Intensive tutorial work, research, and readings in Asian or Latin American history. (Independent Study)

591 - Directed Study or Research - Directed readings, research, or study designed to meet the particular needs of individuals or small groups of graduate students. (Independent Study)

599 - Master's Thesis Research - Number of credits is determined each semester in consultation with the major professor or program committee. (Independent Study)

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