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The undergraduate History major is part of the Bachelor of Arts (B. A.) degree offered by the College of Arts and Sciences. Students take 30 credits (10 courses) in History out of the 120 credits for a B. A. degree. An additional 33 to 39 credits are taken in general education courses, which leaves 51 to 57 credits of free electives. Thus students have enough electives to sample courses from other departments around the university, to complete a second major, to complete the Teacher Education program, to study abroad, to take advantage of internship programs, or to pursue whatever interests they have outside their major.

All History majors start their program with at least two and no more than four 100-level courses. We do not recommend specific 100-level courses for our majors, but students interested in the Teacher Education program should start with courses which meet requirements for the History and Social Studies teaching certificates: 111 or 112, 113 or 114, 141, and 142. Students with AP credits in American History should not enroll in 141 and 142; students with AP credits in European History should not enroll in 113 and 114.

The balance of the undergraduate credits are at the 300 and 400-level. The major ends with a two-semester capstone sequence at the 400-level. The first course (401, 441, or 481) prepares the students for their undergraduate research seminar (495). The two courses will be taught in consecutive semesters by the same instructor.

Undergraduate students may minor in History by completing 18 credits in the field. At least 12 credits must be at the 200 level or above and at least 9 credits must be from courses taken at the University of Rhode Island.


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University College advisor
Dr. Michael Honhart

Department Chair
Dr. Timothy George

Asian Studies minor
Dr. Timothy George

Classical Studies minor
Dr. Daniel Carpenter

Medieval Studies minor
Dr. Joëlle Rollo-Koster

Underwater Archaeology minor
Dr. Rod Mather

Phi Alpha Theta, History Honors Society
Dr. Robert Widell